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Warning apparatus little knowledge
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1, what is guard against theft calls the police system?
Guard against theft calls the police the system is the detector that uses of all kinds function the system that undertakes to the periphery of resident building, space, environment and person whole defends.

2, what is detector?
Detector is the signal such as the electricity that uses sensor induction to all sorts of physics change, chemistry changes and arise, pulse goes driving radio frequency circuit to transmit an alarm signal.

3, action of lead plane of guard against theft and working way
Lead plane is systematic core. It is to use the alarm signal that receives detector to be sent while undertake seasonable feedback; Lead plane is being received after getting alarm signal, can produce tall decibel alarm trumpet call, at the same time network of telecommunication of meeting have the aid of dials what much group installs by him host to call the police outwards phone.

4, detector of passive and infra-red guard against theft
The body when the absorption that passive and infra-red detector is support passivity heats up activity of active other people sends out mobile infra-red heat energy undertakes calling the police, also call heat the probe outside Shi Gong, its detector itself does not fire infrared ray

5, passive and infra-red detector is infra-red exploration basic idea
Inside cautionary limits, why is the person passive when shift can infra-red detector produce alarm signal?
In nature, any prep above are absolutely temperature (- 273 degrees) when the object will produce infra-red spectrum, the object of different temperature, the wavelengh of the infra-red energy that its release is different, because this is infra-red,the discretion of wavelengh and temperature is relevant.
There are two decisive elements in passive and infra-red detector, one is the sensor outside hot Shi Diangong (PIR) , it can be wavelengh the change of infra-red signal change between 8 one 12um to be telegraphic date, can be opposite the white smooth signal in nature has inhibition, because this is inside the cautionary area of passive and infra-red detector, when unmanned system is mobile, heating up what induction of the inductor outside Shi Diangong arrives is setting temperature only, enter person alert area when human body, pass lens of phenanthrene Nie Er, heating up what induction of the inductor outside Shi Diangong arrives is the difference signal of human body temperature and setting temperature, accordingly, of infra-red detector infra-red the difference of the temperature that exploration basic idea is inductive shift object and setting object. Another parts of an apparatus is lens of phenanthrene Nie Er, lens of phenanthrene Nie Er has two kinds of forms, refract type and reflection type namely. Action of lens of phenanthrene Nie Er has two:  of lip of  of boundless and indistinct of Yong of coffin of Huang Qiang Mai benevolence on IR of 赑 of ┰ of clear of porcelain of ǚ of clear of Piao of lossen soil with a hoe of lotus root of Wu of the Yan that steal dusk, the 2nd action is the cent inside will cautionary area is a certain number of bright area and shady area, the form that the mobile content physical ability of intromit alert area changes with temperature produces change to heat up the signal outside Shi Gong on PIR, such PIR can generate electric signal of change
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