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How does each function realize warning apparatus
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Should add install   of mothball power source but to doing business the warning apparatus with site crucial safety, ask to cannot suffer the effect of power cut however, can be in working status from beginning to end, because of during doing business, may happen at any time rob, bilk, fire alarm affection, theft and fire also may produce at any time during doing business alarm affection. If cannot call the police when power cut, cause the loss of capital, belongings and personnel life likely. If illegal element knows when power cut warning apparatus cannot call the police, be used possibly by illegal element, the power cut condition that production person is and executive crime activity. Deploy the batteries that maintenance-free can charge repeatedly to warning apparatus, this problem got at somebody's convenience solve.
When report having city, if batteries n is insufficient, charge automatically to batteries, use commonly slow charge means, until enough till. When power cut, batteries gives warning apparatus automatically power supply, want to assure to be able to give warning apparatus power supply 24 hours above continuously commonly. To prolong the service life of batteries, when warning apparatus is using batteries power supply, if voltage is too low, should undertake protective. Voltage is too low ought to give out low-pressure clew noise, or illume the low-pressure signal lamp on warning apparatus face plate. Business personnel can hint according to low pressure, take proper safeguard. Call the police the system should be had prevent destroying functional   warning apparatus is business site is on guard rob, of bilk, theft, fire important be on guard establishment, at the same time detector of feeling of its infra-red, smoke, smooth feeling is mixed circuitry of door magnetism, horn, pushbutton, lead plane, communication, outside the itself such as the jumper that accepts equipment and warning apparatus lead plane also needs to be on guard to be destroyed. And some facility cannot remain under cover, must expose outer, destroy very easily, the working principle that is like detector of feeling of infra-red, smoke, smooth feeling, explore through having a reaction to surroundings object namely, if concealment its,rose to lose action. If illegal element is destroyed first,call the police equipment, reentry commits the crime all right, so warning apparatus cannot produce the effect that be on guard, the criminal in a lot of case adopted this kind to commit the crime namely method. How to solve this problem? Rely on warning apparatus prevent destroy a function, this problem with respect to be readily solved. If illegal element dares,destroy a certain equipment of warning apparatus or tie line, warning apparatus will be carried out prevent destroy call the police, still this equipment or correspondence of tie line place alarm kind the newspaper goes out, after the newspaper goes out, warning apparatus still can regard breakdown as to undertake clew on face plate this area, until read breakdown to be eliminated to just can restore, after be being destroyed namely, still can sign up for alarm affection, other did not destroy still can work normally. And the criminal thinks warning apparatus also is destroyed, the newspaper does not go out alarm affection, can put a person's mind to carry out guilty activity, did not think of to meet however still can alarm information goes out, somebody is received alarm affection hind will arrive very quickly, its arrest. Of the magnetism that be like the door and the correspondence of tie line place with lead plane is " door window by prize " alarm affection, if the criminal destroyed the tie line of door magnetism or door magnetism and lead plane, warning apparatus will still " door window by prize " alarm information goes out, and after the newspaper is over, warning apparatus still can regard breakdown as to undertake clew on face plate this defence area, other defence area still can work normally. If criminal clipping communication circuitry, although cannot couplet net calls the police, but the horn can bleat, frighten with shake criminal and inform all round masses, still rose to threaten the action that call the police. The function of importance   control that controls a function is very main use in the center little not warning apparatus is being used in the center, can encounter 3 kinds of circumstances to need to solve: The ⌒ of cough generation suddenly such as emperor cowardly  coil up of bud of Ω of  of ǎ of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of part of the day of Fei of  of ィ of magnetism of king crab cruel not χ ? 2 it is right go up the business site of administrative class, or warning apparatus is when state of alert, business personnel needs to enter business site, how fortify and withdraw a garrison? 3 because of,be special situation, do not need work of a certain facility temporarily, or new without equipment need of the job job, ought to manage like where? Solve the method of these 3 problems, install a password to warning apparatus namely, this password has control management function. Should happen to announce the correct time by accident, need to input a password instantly only, can remove call the police, stem alarm affection continues to sign up for outwards. When warning apparatus is in state of alert, business personnel enters a site temporarily, warning apparatus can be given out remove the clew sound of state of alert, before clew sound ends, if input a password, if hint fail before phonic end,input a password besides state of alert with respect to solution, warning apparatus is with respect to judgement is alien housebreaking, theft of will automatic newspaper or door window by prize alarm affection. Remove the method that call the police is moved with the hand like signing up for by accident. Have the personnel of this business orgnaization only, know to nod the password of warning apparatus originally, went to the lavatory to work already accordingly, also had the effect that guard against theft calls the police. Before clew sound ends, personnel must leave. When needing a certain equipment to work temporarily, if need to open a window ventilated, do not need the door magnetism switch on the window or vitreous knapper work temporarily, need to input password and door magnetism or the defence area code that vitreous knapper represents only at this moment, make this equipment is in do not work temporarily condition, ventilated end, reintroduce password and code, regain working position. The control function of warning apparatus, to using in the center all sorts of situations that encounter possibly, made comprehensive consideration, it is little really not function. Alarm affection is crushing everything, call the police ought to preferential   alarm all affection is crushing calling the police ought to preferential the development as bank itself business and the addition of all sorts of representative business, the phone of business site also begins busy rise, and often appear as a result of business special railway line breakdown, to conduct business, must replace special railway line with line, make the utilization rate of line higher. And warning apparatus relies on exclusively call the police external the passageway is line, if call the police when line is being used, cause alarm information does not go out, cause very serious consequence possibly. The time that the phone is taken up is in business hours, and happen possibly right now alarm affection has rob, bilk and fire. Happen rob a likelihood to create business personal casualty and fund significant loss, very serious to social harm, produce bilk to may cause the significant loss of capital, it is loss, important to produce fire to may cause capital worth data is lost and personal casualty. Which kind of alarm the consequence that if this is serious,information does not go out to have, this should have with respect to requirement warning apparatus " alarm affection is crushing everything, call the police ought to preferential " function. When calling the police no matter be a phone,communicating, still using in special railway line be regardinged as, no matter be,also hit, warning apparatus must grab him, preferential call the police. Solve preferential the method that call the police is not complex also, want to establish ties warning apparatus in phone and computer front only, the phone in the warning apparatus when calling the police dials implement can grab, OK and preferential call the police. Detect automatically breakdown safeguards   to detect automatically the warning apparatus that breakdown safeguards ability to no matter be what brand,go to the lavatory, can give trouble. If warning apparatus gave breakdown to cannot show automatically, can rely on only safeguard personnel to detect to the site come out, so the job that defends management is particularly big, and the working status with still cannot ensure warning apparatus to be in from beginning to end normal, the likelihood is caused have alarm the consequence that cannot sign up for. Of warning apparatus detect automatically the function of breakdown safeguard personnel to be put from the solution in busy job, also eliminated have alarm the hidden trouble that cannot sign up for. If set,call the police center, central lead plane can is opposite call the police substandard of knapper of feeling of magnetism of the pushbutton of all warning apparatus in the network, door, infra-red, smoke, horn, glass receives equipment to reach its the join of lead plane of jumper, warning apparatus and communication line whether normal, warning apparatus whether fortify and fortify condition undertake detecting, detect the result can be printed at the same time come out, which warning apparatus has what breakdown be clear at a glance, safeguard personnel to need only according to detect simple suit the remedy to the case, leave out the rush about suffering to every site. Administrator also can stipulate to be not being pressed the site of fortify undertakes corrective. Central computer is OK and time detect, also can detect at any time artificially, can detect entirely, also can detect only some part. If was not built,call the police center, in open for the first time everyday defend when the door, every warning apparatus also can is opposite automatically state of equipment of him place connective undertakes detecting, detect the result shows on lead plane face plate, the equipment of which defence area has trouble, lamp of code of number of its defence area is ablaze, hint business personnel protects personnel newspaper to repair to dimension, same leave out safeguards personnel to rush about to each site detected cover with a straw mat, breakdown can get eliminating in time, ensure warning apparatus to be in regular job status from beginning to end thereby. The means that call the police: Bright alarm and dark alarm (phonic and breathed)   can sign up for bright alarm and dark alarm it is the strong measure that defends safety and blow to commit a crime.
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