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Shallow the choice that talks about detector of guard against thef
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Detector and public safety are having very close relationship, but the problem that its often are existing to call the police by accident. Choose the detector with a good performance, the user can reduce a lot of trouble, project business also can reduce the problem after a lot of carry out. Face numerous manufacturer function unfamiliar detector, how does project business choose? The article discusses the option of detector from the respect such as the workmanship of detector.
Main yuan of parts of an apparatus
Of general detector main yuan of parts of an apparatus wait for a few parts to comprise by exploration chip of infra-red sensor, microwave, ASIC compositive chip, lens, detector is analysed below from a few bodies.
Infra-red sensor
As the maturity of sensor technology, the applied range of infra-red sensor is wider, be like: Infra-red induction switch, have a lot of different type according to diverse demand, and the sensor that applies to guard against theft to call the police is in precision, angle, material, save temperature limits, working temperature limits to wait for technical index respect to have very high demand, these index decided the technical index of whole detector directly even. The exploration atomic amount with sensor in-house basis, can divide for unit, double yuan, 4 yuan of infra-red sensor, the comparison that applies now is much is double yuan, partial manufacturer achieves technical breakthrough, begin to use 4 yuan of infra-red sensor.
Home, abroad is at present famous spending taller infra-red sensor is German Haman, there is Haiman label in sensor surface; Contest pulls Japanese Buddhist nun also is famous degree of taller brand, crude place of production is in Shanghai; The manufacturer of domestic production sensor is very much also, some are exported even, but famous spending still is not very tall. Manufacturer home of home builds respect and abroad to still have very big difference in the brand, because domestic product does not have a brand, total in competition meeting gives a person a kind of miscellaneous brand, quality not stable feeling. The detector of foreign brand considers to have the German sensor that Haiman marks more on the choice of sensor; A lot of manufacturer homes of home consider cost, use the sensor that produces without the domestic company of mark more. Relative to character, the product of well-known trademark can assure in stability and character respect better. For example computer firm is in roll out overall when, can be opposite at the same time its are main yuan parts of an apparatus undertakes conduct propaganda, enhanced component to produce the brand of manufacturer on one hand, also strengthened a client to be opposite on one hand overall accredit, can saying is pair of winning options.
Lens of phenanthrene Nie Er
The main effect of lens of phenanthrene Nie Er will explore dimensional infrared ray to be centered effectively to sensor namely. The tape of the homocentric circle that goes up in lens through distributinging (window) gather with what will realize infrared ray, be equivalent to the action of convex. This share alternative basically is the design that sees through lens tape and lenticular material qualitative. The parameter that considers lens basically has: Luminous flux, different lens is homocentric degree, ply is inhomogenous smooth axis of gender, lens and appearance are homocentric degree, error of transmitance, focal length. Tape of lens of phenanthrene Nie Er (window) the design is inhomogenous commonly, cent of from above to below is a few, above more, below is less, general intermediate concentrated, two side are scanty. Because person face ministry, genu ministry, arm is infra-red radiation is stronger, as it happens to the lens above; Below is less, because human body bottom is infra-red,be radiation is weaker, 2 it is to prevent ground puppy infra-red radiate is disturbed. Material uses organic glass commonly character.
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