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Call the police the system calls the police by accident the analys
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The definition   that calls the police by accident returns the definition of neither one authority at present about calling the police by accident, think commonly in our country: "Without occurrence danger the circumstance calls the police the system gives out alarm signal to be namely call the police by accident. " define according to this, call the police systematic rate of false alarm (inside proper time, the system calls the police by accident frequency and call the police the ratio of gross) be in commonly 95 % above. In the west a few countries define about what call the police by accident is: "Calling the police by accident is to point to the alarm signal that actual condition does not need a police and makes the police dispatchs, because abominable and natural climate is mixed,do not include those among them other cannot by call the police the alarm signal that the special environment that enterprise and user operate causes. " define according to this, american UL standard sets: "Each call the police the system can have every year 4 times only at most call the police by accident. "     calls the police equipment malfunction causes call the police by accident   product falls in formulary condition, inside formulary time, cannot fulfil formulary function, call breakdown. The type of breakdown has attaint sex breakdown and drift sex trouble.  
Attaint sex breakdown includes property total be no longer in force and abrupt invalidation. This kind of breakdown is normally by yuan the attaint of parts of an apparatus or manufacturing technology are bad (the solder that be like empty) cause.  
The causes adrift trouble that drift sex breakdown is the parameter that points to yuan of parts of an apparatus and power source voltage. For example: Temperature crosses tall meeting to cause the change that resistor block is worth, right now equipment performance is stand or fall. In fact, workmanship of environmental temperature, component, equipment workmanship, use time, store the change that the element such as time and power source load causes parameter of yuan of parts of an apparatus possibly, produce drift sex breakdown.
No matter be attaint sex breakdown or drift sex breakdown will make the system calls the police by accident, should reduce what arise from this to call the police by accident should try hard from the following respect.
(1) calls the police the manufacturing company of equipment, must raise the design level of the product and craft level, making while the system is designed, still require dependability design, if redundant design, electromagnetism is compatible design, 3 prevent a design (the moistureproof, mist that prevent salt, mouldproof bacterium) , drift dependability design. On this foundation, raise a product to make the dependability of the process, if be opposite,choose strictly of quality of yuan of parts of an apparatus; Undertake to producing a course strict quality supervises management to wait, make sure product quality accords with the requirement of relevant specification.
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