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Major offers monitor material IC
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Shenzhen city is on the road limited company of science and technology is component of a professional electron cent sells business. Have substantial electronic component component to sell field experience, service client is spread all over include to consume an electron, how to defend a product, measure a product, war industry product inside each big electron production industry. Our cent sells the product of of all kinds integrated circuit that provides chip of several word processing from 23 class: Processor: Freescale   (fly think of Carl) , infineon (Ying Feiling) , philips, winbond (Hua Bang) , atmel, TI (heart state apparatus) , microchip, ST memory: Cypress, IDT, infineon (Ying Feiling) , intel (Intel) optical parts of an apparatus: Avago (Anjielun) , infineon (Ying Feiling) , dallas (Dalasi) , TI (heart state apparatus) , toshiba (Toshiba) , zarlink imitate parts of an apparatus: Analog Device (AD company) , avago (Anjielun) , cirrus Logic, farichild (celestial being child) , linear Tech (Ling Te) , maxim (beautiful letter) , NS (national semiconductor) , on Semi (Ansenmei) , philips, TI (heart state apparatus) , toshiba (Toshiba) , communication chip: AMD, ADI (AD company) , avago (Anjielun) , IDT, intel (Intel) , ST, TI (heart state apparatus) , power parts of an apparatus: ADI (AD company) , FSC (celestial being child) , infineon (Ying Feiling) , IR, maxim/Dallas (beautiful letter) , NS (national semiconductor) , on Semi (Ansenmei) , TI (heart state apparatus) , toshiba (Toshiba) , process designing parts of an apparatus: Xilinx, altera, actel, lattice, radio frequency chip: ADI (AD company) , maxim (beautiful letter) , nordic, microchip, OKI, philips, sensor: Avago, cypress, freescale (fly think of Carl) , vicor, passive component / connector: Amphenol, panasonic, vishay, AVX, kemet, bourns, molex, ITT, tyco, we provide each agile and close service for the client: Of all kinds money plants RMB of / of supportive U.S. dollor trade. Whole journey dogs service: Phase of research and development: Free print is offerred; Prototype phase: Small lot offers money support; The quantity produces level: The quantity produces bargain price; Stock up supports a plan; Inventory serves: Help client handles redundant stock, dish vivid capital; Distribute only service: Adjust measures to local conditions, conformity is optimized, distribute sheet for the factory, make joint-stock source! Short short serves: Global channel searchs in short supply cell for customer service, stop production component. Go up in cost for you broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, the brick is added to add tile on quality!

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