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Pen camera shows sell like hot cakes
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Kinescope pen uses an occasion: A. Public security executes the law the process records B. The lawyer obtains evidence C. The reporter is special the circumstance interviews D. Invisible service instruction of function of pen of monitoring kinescope kinescope: 1. Close machine mode to fall, sheet opens a key to switch on the mobile phone by, maize light is right now bright, express to be bide one's time condition. Again odd press key-press, enter kinescope state right now, blue light is right now bright, express to be working status. 2: In kinescope shape too fall to press key-press again, the file files, at that time the system can differ according to kinescope time length and save time to also differ. File after finishing, enter directly bide one's time condition (namely not kinescope also does not close machine) , maize light is right now bright. 3: In bide one's time below condition, when be like need to undertake kinescope again, switch key-press is pressed again, can undertake kinescope again, the color of this moment lamplight becomes blue by yellow. 4:  of approach of  of thorn of Gua   dregses of rice  screen dysentery second of? of Piao of 3 ぐ pure  , it is at that time close machine, close light of machine tail lamp not to work entirely, also do not have any lamplight directive. 5. After batteries is gone close automatically machine, close the system before machine to save the file of video automatically come down, close again machine, in order to make sure the file is safe. 6: Use USB charges. When charging, indicator light twinkles for maize lamplight, the directive is charging right now. 7: Charge end, maize lamplight twinkles stop, turn into maize lamplight (right now yellow lamplight has stopped to twinkle) directive right now batteries has been been full of! 8: Memory can do 64M to arrive 4GB 9: Photograph those who resemble a head to resemble element for 30W~200W like element! 10. The lithium battery that buy Gao Rong measures inside, can work continuously 2 hours. 11. Of kinescope file reductive, ensure before join computer had installed broadcast software relevantly (sound of proposal windstorm image) . Click portable disk, pitch on file is doubleclicked can go up in computer reductive kinescope file. Product brief introduction: 1. The least miniature DVR on the world, conceal inside the pen, it is the first pen belt DVR of kinescope canned miniature. 2. The microphone of tall sensitivity, it is in 15 square metre a sound collection of Dou Keqing clear come down; Absorb elephantine effect clearly high, obtain evidence for court of door of the Ministry of Public Security etc offer assure strongly. 3. Elegant exterior, fluent ball-pen writes a function, core of exchangeable standard pen, durable environmental protection. 4. Apply to any computers that take USB interface and other electron equipment. 5. USB2.0 standard interface, need not driver, need not outside receive power source. 6. Support WINDOWS98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS/ LINUX and identify an operating system automatically, install corresponding driver, need not the hand uses installation (WINDOWS98 except) . 7. The AVI format of the 352*288 that video format is CIF 8. Data reads keep rate fast: 900K/700K byte / second (concern with lead plane speed) ,

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