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Family day and night guard against theft, install family expenses guard against
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Family day and night guard against theft, install family expenses guard against theft greatly implement what to invest 8 years - family expenses guard against theft implement, phone guard against theft implement, warning apparatus of guard against theft, intelligence lives in guard against theft implement thief is in dark in, will do not have a shadow, go having footprint, want to prevent, look to seem and not allow easy! But the method always compares difficulty much, prevent a thief, citizens have one court oneself, do not have the machine that can escape to can let thief, shenzhen city Jin Huicong firm is used most first close technical development went intelligence to live in guard against theft implement, domestic guard against theft implement, domestic warning apparatus, system of domestic guard against theft, residential guard against theft implement, residential warning apparatus, system of residential guard against theft, village guard against theft implement, the village calls the police system, village monitoring accuses equipment of system of systematic family guard against theft, call the police system, monitoring is photographed how to defend a product like the system, the action that prevented theft effectively happens. Phone warning apparatus, phone guard against theft implement its function is as follows: 1) guard against theft: If have the person that enter room theft illegally, immediately the spot calls the police, send alarm signal 2) to prevent outwards at the same time steal: If encounter hellion is entered room rob, can send alarm signal 3) to appeal immediately: Contingency of old person of usable Yu Jiazhong, child and acute disease cry for help call the police 4) fire prevention: Through smoke feeling detector explores indoor aerosol in time, give out 5) of alarm of be on fire to prevent can burn gas toxic: Can explore gas of gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas divulge, call the police in time 6) is full automatic call the police: Once happen alarm affection, lead plane dials setting telephone automatically circularly, the net that be like couplet to call the police the center calls the police, perhaps give out 7) of speech alarm signal to monitor remotely: Put through call the police to be able to be monitored immediately after the phone and judge indoor spot activity, so that can take action. Remote control of 8) different ground: Host is in different ground remote carry a mobile phone or the phone has place troops on garrison duty to the lead plane in the home or withdraw a garrison is operated. OK still partial place troops on garrison duty, for instance the person is in the home sitting room withdraw a garrison, monitoring of 9) of balcony window place troops on garrison duty takes a picture: If somebody is entered room commit the crime, while lead plane calls the police, also but wireless spark “ monitoring takes a picture collection put implement ” , take a picture automatically through camera, the image photograph data that its record can detect a case to provide accurate and credible evidence for door of the Ministry of Public Security to can make a family restful - the society is restful - the village is restful - business shop is restful, install family expenses guard against theft greatly 8 years implement enrol chief inspector of sale of area agent home to countrywide each district now: < Yang Baoguo>The whole nation enrols business hot line 24 hours: 0755- - 33022515 mobile phones: 13242042449 faxes: 0755-33022500 QQ:305376674 commerce connects Alibaba: YBg008 mailbox: YAngbaoguo83@163.com network address: Http://www.jinhuicong.com/ ? 828 my rich guests: Http://hi.baidu.com/baoguo0 Http://blog.sina.com.cn/baoguo0 Http://baoguo0.blog.sohu.com/ Http://baoguo0.bokee.com/diaryIndex.b Http://www.zganw.cn/ cleans out Http://shop35422864.taobao.com/ of treasure shopping inn

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