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★ prevents thief theft to be used please inst
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Prevent thief to steal to be used please install family expenses guard against theft greatly implement guard against theft! Prevent secretly! Prevent grab! Village monitoring, window guard against theft, balcony guard against theft, domestic guard against theft, live in guard against theft, do you have village guard against theft such experience? The days that thief sleeps soundly in you and leaves home visits your home; Liquid gas is in casual divulge and you none know the inside story; The be on fire in the home, you are not in the home; There is old person happening to cannot inform you however accidentally in the home... of above a variety of it is you do not want to encounter and cannot foreknow, once the accident happens, you want to know a condition first most again, how should that do? Have " Jin Ying " wireless intelligence guard against theft calls the police system, your worry can be solved. Because this system is medium included door magnetism sensor, infra-red when detector of extensive role detector, infra-red screen sign can come in in thief, ring alarm song gives room advocate in order to remind, give bandits with awe, if you are not in the home, it can dial 6 groups of telephone number that you set beforehand automatically, accuse with alarm affection. Outside there is idea of old person happening in the home, and have not enough time to call or won't call, need to press urgent button only, can give out likewise call the police sound and the telephone number that dials you to be set beforehand. Had these safeguard, you still have what trouble back at home! Join in Jin Huicong Ben Xiaoli is big, investment has an opportunity several yuan to obtain the exclusive total dealership of class of city of countrywide each district, retail profit is as high as 150%-200% , special agree with the options order that you do poineering work first. The demand that lives in commerce how to defend a product in recent years is bigger and bigger, the support of national policy (national relevant document has been shown, taboo guard against theft signs up for door window after, because this product flees for his life to fire,landscape beautification has had a kind of negative effect) , the change of the development of house property course of study and people sense is Jin Huicong and family expenses business to use how to prevent an industry to bring cannot the opportunity of set limit to. You can be passed sell continuously, community promotion, carry on project, cent sells carry of business of shopkeeper, project, battalion to call the police center a lot of quick way, vast region opening money, achievement greats cause! Of course, cooperate with Jin Huicong, usury embellish does not mean high risk, crepuscular product not only quality is excellent, technical support is strong, after service constitution is perfect, more you provide comprehensive sale help. Install family expenses guard against theft greatly implement guard against theft of 1) of functional brief introduction: If have the person that enter room theft illegally, immediately the spot calls the police, send alarm signal 2) to prevent outwards at the same time steal: If encounter hellion is entered room rob, can send alarm signal 3) to appeal immediately: Contingency of old person of usable Yu Jiazhong, child and acute disease cry for help call the police 4) fire prevention: Through smoke feeling detector explores indoor aerosol in time, give out 5) of alarm of be on fire to prevent can burn gas toxic: Can explore gas of gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas divulge, call the police in time 6) is full automatic call the police: Once happen alarm affection, lead plane dials a setting automatically circularly 6 groups call the police phone, the net that be like couplet to call the police the center calls the police, perhaps give out 8) of speech alarm signal to monitor remotely: Put through call the police to be able to be monitored immediately after the phone and judge indoor spot activity, so that can take action. Remote control of 9 different ground: Host is in different ground remote carry a mobile phone or the phone has place troops on garrison duty to the lead plane in the home or 10) of withdraw a garrison takes a picture: If somebody is entered room commit the crime, while lead plane calls the police, also but wireless spark " monitoring takes a picture collection put implement " , take a picture automatically through camera, the image photograph data that its record can detect a case to supply chief inspector of accurate and reliable evidential home sale for door of the Ministry of Public Security: < Yang Baoguo > 24 hours of hot lines of countrywide that enrol business: 0755- - 33022515 mobile phone: 13242042449 faxes: 0755-33022500 QQ:305376674 commerce connects Alibaba: YBg008 mailbox: YAngbaoguo83@163.com network address: Http://www.jinhuicong.com/ ? 828 my rich guest: Http://hi.baidu.com/baoguo0 Http://blog.sina.com.cn/baoguo0 http://baoguo0.blog.sohu.com/ Http://baoguo0.bokee.com/diaryIndex.b http://www.zganw.cn/ cleans out Http://shop35422864.taobao.com/ of treasure shopping inn
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