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Strange appropriate is clever invisible lock o
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12 yuan / remove 36 those who order China to make lock trade again technical revolution! China can turn the first times the lock of the key! Strange appropriate is clever invisible key cylinder of lock of guard against theft is not afraid of prize, true can guard against theft! Guangzhou city always locks up course of study all right scope of operations: Padlock, bicycle lock, autocycle lock, call the police the lock such as lock of lock, globose lock, gate of door lock of guard against theft, iron. Phone: 020, 81170346 mobile telephone: 13539956727 address: Bay of Li of city of Chinese Guangdong Guangzhou Ou Enning road 202 postcodes: 510140 trades reach remittance means to hold calorie of person: Trading company of industry of China of Li Haoxian is well-informed card: 9558803602160391017 Guangdong develops bank conduct financial transactions to connect: Bank of 6225682221000178750 Shenzhen development borrows write down card: 6225380030451845 company homepage: Http://www.yongxingsuoye.com.cn/

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