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Limited company of science and technology of Nanjing double north is located in Nanjing of 6 government ancient capital. Come for years dedicated the research that how defends a product at the electron, development and production. Because form a complete set is complete and many professional, make our product development production very rapid and quality is reliable, make our product has very strong competition dominant position thereby. My company sets special design development department door and each independent production workshops, the company executes strict product quality to control, arrive in every fittings in the manufacturing process of the product, undertake 2 times examining by professional, product quality reachs industry international level, make the user absolves all trouble back at home. So far, our sale network spreads all over world each greater part to divide an area, be like: The United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and other area, our genuine hope and domestic and international new old client cooperate cheek by jowl, start our new scope of operation in all. Company purpose: 02585127106 86896103 the success that your satisfaction is us! Production of major of Nanjing double north and supply: Bazaar supermarket guard against theft implement, clothing store guard against theft implement, guard against theft of electron of shoe cap EAS implement; Library books guard against theft monitors appearance, appearance of guard against theft of drugstore medicines and chemical reagents, masked taste guard against theft to monitor appearance; Digital product guard against theft implement, jotter guard against theft implement. Fill disappear appearance, decoder, decipher board, take a tack implement, take hammer gun, open a lock implement, guard against theft of EAS radio frequency implement, label of DR sound magnetism, EM hard label (guard against theft of portfolio of dress shoe cap is buckled) , magnetism, (magnetism of sound of EAS radio frequency, DR) soft label, bottle protection label (bottle is buckled) , milk powder protects label (milk powder is buckled) , box of protection of tape protection box, CD/DVD. The detail lands Www.jseas.cn please

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