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Nanjing Medusa CCTV burglar alarm equipment YORK Interview
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Closed-circuit monitoring of Nanjing, Nanjing CCTV company. With the gradual improvement of living standards for the safety of the living environment has become very concerned about things. In recent years, cities increasingly mobile population field, caused by people of various social stability have increased their vigilance. Nanjing, the development of closed-circuit monitoring for many years, now has a lot of professional CCTV, burglar alarm equipment distributor of professional agents. SAN FRANCISCO reporters today to lead to a well-known CCTV Nanjing systems integrators - Nanjing Electronic Medusa, we find out more about it. About Nanjing Electronic Medusa Nanjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Medusa is an integrated security products company, specializing in integrated solutions for security applications, intelligent building control and equipment wholesale. Since its inception, always adhering to "professional and innovative" business philosophy, commitment to security products channel depth of cooperation. Through years of unremitting efforts to gradually get the industry recognition. Our flexible business strategy implementation, at very competitive prices for all types of customers with timely supply capacity and improve service. Will be adhering to "professional and innovative" business philosophy, adhere to "honesty, and the" spirit of enterprise, rest assured that services strategy, to better serve the security market, and industry colleagues to work together.
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