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A wholesale auto parts store was Qiaodao alarm "to the goods to look for" quick
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4 men to get money, eat, drink, driving the wholesale theft of an auto parts shop, theft of goods worth 3 million yuan. After the incident, police set up a task force to find someone to take the goods the way, timely detection of theft, arresting. November 25 23 am, the public security branch in the North West Green police station in the North Zhenmou access wholesale auto parts shop operator a warning of high: about 1 hour ago, he operated a wholesale auto parts stores are prized, 86 lorry slow starter, 22 generators, 5 heater stolen, valued at 32,855 yuan. Police started investigating the scene, lost control of the slow starters, generators, heaters and is the manufacturer of a designated high-exclusive in North China. Police combination of all clues, learn Zhang Mougang buy a fleet of trucks Langfang slow starter, and the high of a consistent loss of the goods. November 29, police disguised as businessmen, and Zhang contact, said the purchase of 30 trucks to be slow starters. Zhang pulling cargo to the designated location on time, was police control, Zhang confessed to a number of goods to buy from Wang slow starter, generators, heaters in the case. Wang, control the police in a timely manner. Wang in the West Green area reject the acquisition of the North Town to do business, said Cho spent over 10,000 yuan to buy from a group of accessories, sold to Zhang, after the fare increase. According to police clues in a village caught in the northern town of Zhao. Under questioning, Zhao confessed: November 25 22 am, he and three "buddy child" of driving stolen auto parts, then sold to Wang. At present, Zhao, Wang, Zhang has been under criminal detention, the police are hunting the other three people involved.
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