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The nip in the bud loves the 10 big unexpected tricky move that car guard agains
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Alleged “ road is high one feet, evil spirit is high ” of one a unit of length, although steal the pattern of the car,be increasing, but if the method is proper,also can accomplish a nip in the bud.

—— of the 1st action is locked up

Lock prison loves a car to look be like bland, as a result of,actually a lot of cars disappear without trace is car advocate one not careful ” causes “ . ExpertExpress, car advocate must the first movement after the car on nurturance presses namely the habit of door lock, in case somebody pulls a door suddenly to rush into. The car stops firm hind, want to check all door windows to whether had locked up ability to leave.

Have one part car advocate door and mothball compartment often are not locked up after getting off, want to know this can be big fear, the direct cost that does not lock up door loves a car to lose namely. And if the gasoline tank of the car is built by pilfer, that must undertake maintaining immediately, and change instantly car lock, because have manyModelgasoline tank lid and car lock are a key.

—— of the 2nd action is chosen

When buying a car, should will prevent force to lock up a design to regard as think the main factor of the car, and add the lock of guard against theft with necessary outfit or electronic warning apparatus in time. Can seek advice beside the person that has experience, choose unit of the most appropriate guard against theft, remember open.

Additional, the car was bought, must not go saving the money that buys unit of guard against theft, lest collected sesame seed,lost watermelon. So the choice installs motor vehicle guard against theft implement when do not want covet petty gain, best choose and buy has a brand, produce from normal manufacturer and content of science and technology more expensive product, should choose dimensions at the same time bigger, the car dress shop with better reputation will be offerred to love a carService
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