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"Great robber " promote " hammer of guard against theft "
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Mr Wang lives in numerous prosperous road and dragon garden. On Feburary 24 early in the morning, the car that he discovers to he stops in the village was moved hands or feet, “ of the license plate before the car disappears without trace ” , piece of brief note still was stuck on car window, “ of submit a written statement to a higher authority should answer plate to ask ” of wire back 13135408698 .
Mr Wang tells a reporter, he thinks of to report a case to the security authorities immediately at that time, can arrive police station, fuzz tells him, this person is sure trashy and true identity handles mobile phone number, we also cannot be found, you oneself think otherwise method! Heart of atone for medal is cut, mr Wang is forced to be contacted with the other side according to brief note. The phone was connected, one man is received listen, dehisce newspaper gives silver-colored ” of “ atone for 100 yuan. A force chops Mr Wang, take advantage of an opportunity of criterion of the other side was made promote, if be not chopped,say, can give free solid and clinking “ plate guard against theft nails ” . Mr Wang is disrelished expensive not, final both sides clinchs a deal with 60 yuan. After negotiate, the other side tells bank Zhang name, mr Wang makes a money according to character.
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