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Roadside jockeys frequency meets with a vicious person manipulating sb or sth fr
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Since Feburary, bandits extends a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes to car frequency in the city zone of lukewarm city deer, theft commits the crime 25 cases, for this. Cervine city police gives out early-warning, the requirement strengthens blow to be on guard.

Late on Feburary 25 6 when make, citizen introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman is in the urban district at parking car of a 5 water chestnut the bridge first some residence is downstair, morrow discovers the car disappeared in the morning; On Feburary 23 towards evening, the lady austral the citizen is in place of car of accept of tower of mulberry of a gray “ is gigantic one garden ” is downstair, morrow discovers this car in the morning by pilfer.

Police strings together case analysis discovery, by steel car with in cheap minicar is given priority to, it is park wait downstairs in road both sides and residence be on guard book is in infirmly; Commit the crime the car that personnel chooses unmanned guard more does it, take the advantage of a late night all around unmanned during, with provision the tool levers electric door lock or the technology opens a lock, wiring ignition takes car steel.

Police reminds a car advocate, should increase be on guard consciousness, do not be in car place street tunnel way and village of open mode dweller to wait for pass the night of place open air as far as possible, if but park is outer, should want to add outfit steering wheel to car lock or archives the device of guard against theft such as the lock. Property company should send an area high to create caution card in the case, village of the parking lot that attends to to nobody, dweller, street reach a case to send area and other places high to strengthen patrol, uptown to entering suspicious-looking, carry tool personnel to want to leave a heart to be on guard.

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