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"Thief smashing a car " stare at start off edge high-grade car police reminds a
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On March 27, the reporter understands from detachment of gumshoe of city public security bureau, from this month 21 days rise, the window smashing a car that civilian clothes investigation team already sent current frequency steals a case to label target of key assault fortified positions. Gumshoe analysis warns a citizen after characteristic of this kind of case: In roadside berth in high-grade car, already became the main target of thief smashing a car.

Somebody breaks car theft again and again

[case 1] on Feburary 13 20 when make, one man is in iron on the west south the area 11 lock up 29 numbers with the iron chain that heads downstairs, the injured party the glass after the black jeep of Zhang Mou park is left is smashed, on spirit away car one pair of well-known trademarks are recreational after leather shoes, by the policeman of civilian clothes patrol active seize. This person calls Xu Pingjun (male, 52 years old, live in street of Tie Xiyan glad) . Explain according to guilty suspect, since 2007, he breaks car pane theft to commit the crime more than 100 cases continuously, only one day committed the crime 3 cases on Feburary 1 this year.

[case 2] on March 19 before dawn 3 when 30 minutes, policeman of police station of peaceful Ou Suichuan is inside alley of some machine east of Shanhaiguan, the crime that theft is carrying out inside car of an approach annals the suspect is seized. This person calls Wang Hongjie, from 19 days of before dawn 1 when the left and right sides begins, he is in road of peaceful area n, Nanjing early or late 9 school on the west outside the wall, alley of some machine east of Shanhaiguan breaks nimble of fine horse of A6L of bad Ao Di, China, Ling Zhi 400 model car each one, attaint property total prices is worth more than yuan 20 thousand.

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