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Guard against theft of long-range paging car implement
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One kind wins national patent, guard against theft of car of the KH-AI that undertakes to the car over-distance of intelligent human relations is apart from guard against theft to rob control equipment long-range paging implement, already by Inner Mongolia sincere China finite liability company and combination of institute of science and technology of Huhhot city public security bureau develop communication technology successful, already threw manufacturing face city a few days ago.

Guard against theft of this kind of car implement give out car of instruction remote control through stage of paging of net of each district couplet; Make a car automatic flameout jockeys, without eliminate to dictate the car cannot be started; Paging stage is given out eliminate instruction, car to be able to be started afresh. The car is given out call the police lamp of the around when call twinkles, give out instruction lock to decide the door lock central or open through paging stage.

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