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Lock up thief of the 4th lock to go up to on new car 3 for guard against theft?
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Citizen Mr Zhao for guard against theft, added 3 cars to lock up to the electric motor-car that buys newly. Yesterday morning, mr Zhao puts electric car before door of bank of the Lu Mou austral big buy, handle affairs after coming out, he discovers amazedly, did not know to be added to lock up by who on electric car.

Yesterday morning 11 when 30 minutes, the reporter found Mr Zhao, right now he is becoming stunned to his electric car. Mr Zhao says, he ever was hanging the doorway of a bank near armour temple to had lost motor-car of a report, only a car is locked up on the car at that time, he sees from the monitoring kinescope of the bank, thief used 4 minutes to use phone only car spirit away. To draw a lesson, mr Zhao was obliged to add 3 cars to lock up on the electric car that buys newly.

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> P/< . What lock car uses phone is unripe first Zhao has meaning old friend denying is meaning note have do not have and when when, the travel silver of security of the member that say is occupied by the edge. More than when drive car breaking a lock this Cai Jintian half cost, rod iron root borrows a business to be added nearly from unripe first the Nai of Zhao is not had. Lock one add, answer newspaper for, leave to be not hit in solid secretly small it is to agree surely, measure because of,push this he, of slash mark delimit too belong to gold to have the lock that the eye locks up two in its, handlebar is locked up in 3, happen now first Zhao   > P<

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