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Suzhou St. John developed anti-theft screws with security devices
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Recently, Suzhou, St. John developed a spontaneous anti-theft screws, mainly used in anti-theft locks, safes, and other anti-theft devices on. St. John, sales manager of Suzhou and Procurement Officer Mr. Gu Zhiming said that the screws are 38mm long, 3mm thick, wavy type, Suzhou Wing St. 8 technicians out after four days of development. Yong San Suzhou Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fasteners and fastener products businesses, the company set product development, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one, with independent design and production of various products. The company mainly produces hex screws, hex flange screws and other types of stainless steel self tapping screws, but also according to customer demand production of other non-standard products. Suzhou, in addition to the development of new products, St. John, is also working to improve the production technology of fasteners, for example, six weeks ago they had long screws to improve the production technology. It is reported that nearly 200mm long length of the screw is a screw, the main application and export tray, home decoration decoration. Due to its length is longer, easier to bend in the production process. In order to prevent long screws become curved, Suzhou, St. John's 8-bit technicians after repeated experiments, concluded that: long screws as far as possible before cleaning soak longer in alkaline; cleaning, try to put more wood in the rollers because the wood is not only cleaning function also has a protective effect, can prevent long screws bending; while also mastering the long screw in the drum in the washing of the time, not too long. St. John the Suzhou innovative production technology, business is slowly expanding production to meet the greater demand for St. John is expanding plant in Suzhou, and will introduce several sets of imported production equipment.
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