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North of the city police station for electric vehicles anti-theft Weapon
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To the car for "identity card" Electric bicycle because of its light, fast, affordable features, has become more and more people of means of transport, but also because of theft, low cost, easy disposal of stolen goods has become the main target of criminal theft, according to statistics, this year so far , north of the city police station area had received more than 391 reported stolen bike parts, 22.61% of the total number of theft, theft of electric cars become the focus of the project within one of the fight against crime. In addition, as manufacturers seek to maximize economic benefits, resulting in a large number do not meet the national standards into the market for electric bicycles, electric cars has always been to make a "no registration, not on the license, do not participate in the insurance," the "three no's" blind spot, Once the car stolen, difficult to recover, even if the owner is difficult to retrieve the return is difficult to identify. In this regard, the police station north of the city to actively carry out the requirements of higher levels of formal legal implementation of anti-theft rating of electric bicycle, electric bicycle carry out a comprehensive "household" of management, reduce electric bike trend of high incidence of theft cases, the return of unclaimed stolen vehicle claim to solve problems. For the electric bike for "identity card" As with the identity of the registration, electric bicycle, "household" management focus is to build a car for a document management system, north of the city by specially set up a "household" management free registration point, vehicle registration does not charge any fees, as long as the present owners purchased invoices, certificates and other valid documents can be handled, if a purchase invoice, certificate lost the case, present their proof of registration units or Murai, as much as possible to provide people with convenient. This bike will have its own "identity card", the vehicle motor number, chassis number, license number, registration information and other people who registered in the register after completion of a large collect and record information in accordance with the relevant requirements of the work of public security network input computer networking management, even if was stolen, it is not easy disposal of stolen goods, will increase the possibility of recovery, and the owner of the alarm as long as the owner to provide a license number or identity of specific information can be found in the car, it does not appear to find back to the car but can not find the owner of the situation. Electric bicycle from the implementation of "household" of management since I have registered more than 4,300 units of electric bicycles, recovery and return of vehicles more than 15 vehicles. Reduce the incidence fight against Without a license check with the past situation is different, specialized organizations of the north of the bike patrol members in the frequent intersection between the site and centralized parking patrol and inspection, registration inspection found no verification of electric bikes compared with the one hand, to urge the legal vehicle Registration on the card, on the other hand to detect illegal vehicles, blocking the channel for criminals to fence. July 2010 so far, the Guard on patrol north of the Chinese Communists seized the illegal vehicles more than 30 vehicles, arrested car theft suspects, 5, to some extent play a role in the fight against crime. So far, north of the city by bike theft cracked 40, the incidence of criminal cases than the number of dropped 76.82% last year, played in the fight against a certain effectiveness.
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