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Teach you how to install use door magnetism correctly detector
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One. Door magnetism detector installs a requirement:

1, Door magnetism detectorOn the doorcase of the door that installation needs to undertake cloth accuses in you or window, guard a gate namely magnetism detector (advocate, deputy) secure the frame in door window to go up.      
2, the position of its rate of false alarm and installation has huge concern, commendatory installation position should be advocate and deputy a clearance ≤ 2mm.   

   2. Wireless and infra-red detector installs a requirement:        

Infra-red probe can be installed only indoors, the position of its rate of false alarm and installation has huge concern, proper installation place should leave rice of ground 2.0 - 2.2; Be far from the place with the air temperature sensitive change such as air conditioning, freezer, burner.      

A) infra-red probe should be installed as far as possible indoors corner in order to obtain optimal monitoring area per fire detector, must not have inside monitoring area per fire detector lie between screen, furniture, large miniascape or other partition.        
B) infra-red probe should with walk indoorly the line presents proper point of view, infra-red probe is sensitive least of all to radial and mobile reaction, and to tangential (namely as perpendicular as radius direction) shift is most subtle. Proper installation place choosing in the spot is to avoid infra-red probe to sign up for by accident, get optimal detect the very important one link of sensitivity.      

3. Family expenses lights gas leak wireless warning apparatus installs a requirement:     

A) installation uses:   

I. Can light gas and airy proportion certainly above all, secure warning apparatus installation to be in next the proper place of less than of 1.5M of radius of the source that be apart from gas: A. Gas: Lighter than air, float pinnacled; B. Natural gas: Lighter than air, float pinnacled; C. Liquefied petroleum gas: Heavier than air, deposit is in small part;     
Ii. After receiving electrify source, warning apparatus " Di " , at the same time power source lamp often shines, functional lamp shows green to twinkle, after be being planted about 2 minutes, go out, express to already entered state of alert, when the induction has leak burning gas, give out " of " Di, Di to call the police namely sound, at the same time functional lamp shows red to twinkle, alarm after affection eliminates enter state of alert automatically;      Iii. If sensor malfunctions, warning apparatus gives out " Di namely - " grows song, functional lamp shows yellow to grow bright, after trouble removal, enter state of alert automatically.     
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