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Intelligence changes a village design program
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To get used to the information age requirement of flying development, the respect is lived in in residential village, orgnaization of on the world a few scientific research has introduced the concept of intelligent edifice and mode residential village, make people living condition rises with what the environment gets pledging, produced intelligence to change residential village from this this one brand-new concept, it is burgeoning high-tech child. Alleged intelligence changes residential village, it is to point to through configuring each functional subsystem inside residential village integratedly, it is fundamental frame with integrated wiring, manage the new-style residence village of automation for all sorts of equipment inside the area with computer network. Intelligence changes residential village to set out from modern life demand, use the science and technology such as the computer, information, communication, control integratedly, control platform of information of system, community with intelligence, how to prevent property of system, village to manage information of system and integrated service to serve a system to rely on, build information of internet network of village high speed to serve platform with high-tech method compose, provide safe, environmental protection, efficient, comfortable, convenient life space for village resident.
Residential village intelligence changes a system main by how to prevent the 3 much such as system of automation of automation system, communication automation system, management to comprise: One, how to defend automation system 1, gate mouth and parking lot: One cartoon system: In village gate mouth and passageway install dynamoelectric and adjustable gate or dynamoelectric rise and fall guards column and door of metallic guard against theft; Taking an entrance door is dynamoelectric and adjustable door and system of one cartoon entrance guard, resident holds card to be able to come in and go out, call in the guest can be in entrance guard advocate accuse room communicate with host, car can show in computer in the parking lot pass in and out enters time; The parking lot runs a system: System of parking lot management is average by give ticket machine, gate chance card reader, automatically, collect fees inductor of station, car, full the composition such as an indicator light and administrative leader. The discrepancy of village car and collect fees use IC to block administrative system, usable to long-term user month gets stuck, to calling in car can be used temporarily IC gets stuck, all IC card all collects fees automatically via card reader. Population goes out to install camera to undertake automatic monitoring to contact car in the village, and the data car (plate number, color) in transmitting management center software. When car receiving of cargo for storage, detect in card reader after effective card, gate machine ascendant open, car receiving of cargo for storage, had sailed when car when inductor coil, gate machine is put down automatically shut. When car leaves, the IC card that driver place holds must agree with computer data, ability rises lever discharged.
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