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The couplet net of intelligent village calls the police systematic construction
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[Summary] As intelligent architectural rapid development and people safety are on guard constant change of the idea, how to build an efficient and perfect couplet net to call the police the system becomes the problem that must solve. The article basically discusses intelligent village to call the police construction program of the system, call the police to user this locality respectively system and call the police received a center to undertake treatise, emphasize discussed to call the police the construction program that receives a center.

[Keyword] Couplet net calls the police the system calls the police receive a center to call the police controller
1 overview
The flying development of computer technology, automation technology and communication technology develops for intelligent architectural and perfect provided technical support. And be on guard as people safety of the idea deepen, couplet net calls the police the focal point that systematic construction already made current intelligence village build, of this system perfect already also became one of important basises that measure intelligent village environment.

In intelligent village, a whole couplet web calls the police the system basically includes: User this locality calls the police system, call the police the data of technical center and join both is alternant channel. User this locality calls the police the system occupies alternant channel to will call the police through number information sends couplet net to call the police of the system call the police receive a center, call the police receive what the center receives to place to call the police information undertakes handling, differentiate affirms alarm call the police instantly after affection and take corresponding step, systematic panorama sees figure below.

Couplet net calls the police systematic graph

2, user this locality calls the police system
Equipment of user this locality by accuse to measure implement, call the police controller, channel (point to detector and call the police the electric link that undertakes data is exchanged between controller, be like: Wired join, wireless join) composition, specific installation place can undertake choosing according to corresponding user demand.
2.1 detector

(L) indoor perception detector

① heats up detector of feeling infrared ray:

Have a member model with heat energy model two kinds, with will diagnose human body activity. Can send alarm signal control lead plane, also can undertake the spot calls the police.

Detector of move of ② detect smooth style:
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