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How does the hotel prevent monitoring design solution
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How does the hotel prevent monitoring to devise a solution - one, the concern of systematic overview hotel, hotel as a result of working property, basically be to be a guest to offer accommodation, meal, recreation, recreational wait for business, discrepancy personnel is more various, nonlocal guest holds the majority again, and the criminal exploits this kind of environment fitly, slip into wait for one's chance of hotel, guesthouse to commit the crime, affect person safety of the guest and belongings safety directly, affect the reputation of hotel, guesthouse directly. Build monitoring, call the police, the safety that communication photograph links is on guard the system is effective defend a measure. Supervisory system can be right the person that inbreak accomplishs quick response, discover in time and seize convict, have powerful deterrence effect to the criminal.

Show level, the majority of application of lead plane of digital video supervisory system that how prevents a trade is videocorder of DVR (hard disk / ) of digital video videocorder, it is namely with industrial computer (IPC) is platform, insert on video collects the board card such as card to form. Because of industrial computer (the effect that IPC) often must experience abominable work environment, if interference of high temperature, low temperature, damp, oscillatory, electromagnetism, dust is waited a moment, so labour accuses industry oneself extremely tall to the requirement such as the stability of the product, dependability, demand of yuan of parts of an apparatus that uses to making product place is very high also.

2, systematic design

2.1 systems principle pursues
The system basically is with surveillant, kinescope, time put have group net, plan explains as follows:
The video signal of every camera passes A) each floor cable transmits video industrial siding videocorder of digital hard disk.

Cent is videocorder of B) number hard disk to 4/8/16/24 road video is inputted and contain 16 to call the police input (can ask to make specific choice according to the project) . Videocorder of hard disk of the number in the system is usable become the function such as surveillant, control, kinescope, memory. And the hotel is led corresponding monitoring software can be installed on him office computer, through landing a duty room the fixed IP address of every number hard disk can have surveillance and control front camera remotely.

C) indication part basically uses color or B/W display implement will show front picture. Monitor can use video of planar and orthogonal VGA. From the principle, VGA signal inspects date to want clarity than the compound video of BNC, as a result of the red, green, La Sanji of VGA lubricious signal reachs signal of a synchronism, field synchronism is to part corresponding output, do not pass mix, thereby the picture is more exquisite and clear, but monitor is on degree of saturation of picture brightness, contrast, colour more show an advantage. Also can change to monitor through a converter.
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