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Large guard against theft calls the police lead plane systematic solution
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Systematic overview:

Type of FC7448 bus line calls the police lead plane is a function exceedingly good, function the leader of system of type of large bus line with powerful, stable and handy, responsible operation, this product is on guard in perimeter by wide application, net of village family couplet calls the police, in the large project such as intelligent Lou Yu, hospital, factory, get of broad user and project business reputably.

Bus line type calls the police the technical characteristic of lead plane is stable and reliable, call the police quick, design simple, construction is convenience. Call the police with type of FC7448 bus line lead plane is core, use system of double bus line, one calls the police administrative software, establish a function for the user reasonable, quality stabilizes advanced, value call the police, make one's rounds more, call the police how does linkage defend a system.

This system can install much defence area, make one's rounds more, perimeter is on guard wait for a variety of functions, on the processing of defence area, can receive module of FC-7401, FC7408 and patulous clavier, will expand defence area, the much defence area that achieves whole structure is explored. Partition included the floor of OK and centralized management, the liquid crystal clavier that belongs to lead plane with place has withdraw a garrison of place troops on garrison duty and pass the time in a leisurely way alarm, all operation information and call the police information manages the reaction in software to come out in guard center in real time, can show automatically call the police the electronic map of area.

In make one's rounds more on systematic processing, make one's rounds more system and call the police the system is compositive together, accordingly this make one's rounds more the wired make one's rounds that the system is online more system, receive the defence area of FC7448 make one's rounds more switch makes 24 hours of aeriform defence area use, and in the definition in guard center software this defence area is make one's rounds more defence area, because this is OK,real time shows make one's rounds more condition. This system can define make one's rounds freely more circuit, time and automatic start many make one's rounds more circuit, also but the hand moves the make one's rounds that start more circuit, can hint seasonable make one's rounds more, not seasonable make one's rounds more, make one's rounds more ahead of schedule, make one's rounds is wronger spark wait for information.

Calling the police on the problem of linkage, offerred two means of settlements, one kind is soft linkage, we offerred the software port of guard center, through corresponding API function the administrative system to ranking BA conveys through the local area network call the police information. Additionally one kind is hard linkage, 32 relay that are FC-32B through model output module to will call the police information joins through contact the DI to BA system is collected board on, lead plane of a FC7448 can join 8 FC-32B relay outputs module, achieve man-to-man linkage in this system, undertake handling to collecting the linkage signal that come by ranking BA system again. It is easier to in be being used actually, be carried out as a result of hard linkage program, signal response rate is rapidder also, accordingly this means is used extensively.
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