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Intelligent household is villatic also intelligence
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Villa door lamplight a movement in martial arts is 40 about commonly, 20 lamplight control need wheat relax unit. Control is unit in the center of porch installation. How do 10 families prevent monitoring unit for installation of villatic door window, install for court infra-red how to prevent monitoring unit to shooting. Install for the kitchen gas call the police canalage control is unit, gas manipulator unit, unit. The sitting room installs system of TV of long-distance network supervisory system, satellite. Install an intelligence for the sitting room dynamoelectric curtain is unit. The sitting room installs unit of an infra-red control, can remote control or long-distance telephone call are controlled (air conditioning, TV, VCD) . Garage of stair well, underground installs system of automatic illume induction, next buildings on implementation and discrepancy garage " the person comes the light is bright, the person goes the lamp to destroy " . Intelligence of villatic gazebo installation is dynamoelectric rolling door system. Gazebo installation video is photographed like supervisory system, in first floor lead plane can examine the case of gazebo. 2 buildings install unit of a wireless remote control, implementation makes the remote control of system of individual villa intelligence. Install 8 rooms (dining-room, advocate toilet, second toilet, advocate room of bedroom, children, study, kitchen, balcony) background music. The study installs system of sth resembling a net of local area network. Porch, advocate toilet, second toilet installs system of automatic illume induction. Advocate get up in the night to urinate of installation of room of bedroom, children, study is automatic illume induction system. Court of villatic court installation irrigates automatically system of system, court landscape lighting.

1. The domestic lead plane that in installation of the place that take the door Mai Chi did not come to one, intelligent power source. Outside the door installation doorway can inspect interphone.

2. In first floor place of the porch that take the door installs switch of 5 key intelligence 1, infra-red induction probe 1. The lamplight of wall of setting of the control that can realize pair of porch lamps, porch is controlled. Can realize porch canister lamp become smooth to control. Can realize porch " the person comes bright, person takes the light the lamp destroys " lamplight mode. Can come true after the person enters porch, the lamp brightness of porch canister lamp becomes automatically strong to reach wall of porch bamboo setting to shoot what the lamp illumes automatically to greet guest lamplight mode gradually. Obligate 5 key switch 1, implementation is controlled to the intelligence of network camera, have when inbreaking, network pickup camera can be opened automatically.

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