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Take precautions against burglars of intelligent floor space calls the police sy
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One, overview

Some area builds one building, have 40. This building changes degree to ask to compare tall omnibus office building for intelligence, this building is hack office building 25 layers below, 25 above prevent the office that run and command center for this citizen, the sense is accordingly great, call the police to guard against theft systematic demand is mixed higher also special.

2, design a requirement

Calling the police to guard against theft of this building design when the system, party A put forward to ask as follows, this system installs mobile detector in public section, fast button is tightened in a few indoor installation, want to use multimedia computer to undertake administrative, the requirement differentiates the system a certain number of area, can use clavier to have cloth withdraw from a defended position to the system, after calling the police, should show on clavier and phonate, should have on computer call the police the detailed data of defence area, can give electronic map from move, alarm signal should upload the management center to Ba system, party A still puts forward make one's rounds more system and call the police the system is compositive together.

3, plan is summarized

Be aimed at the requirement of Party A, we were designed make with Ds7400xi bus line call the police what lead plane is software platform for software of center of hardware platform guard is large call the police system.

The much defence area that Ds7400xi is bus line type calls the police control lead plane, have a function the characteristic that strong, quality stabilizes complete, expansibility, by wide application what wait for of all kinds circumstance at village, building, factory is large call the police system. The main function of this lead plane has:

1. Take 8 defence area oneself, with means of two core bus line (do not include power supply) can expand 120 defence area, in all 128 defence area. (note: The amount of total defence area before 4 version is this lead plane 128, 4 begin amount of the following total defence area for 248, appear on the market at present all be 4 the following version, this plan implementation is earlier, mainframe version is 3 series)

Length of 2. bus line amounts to 1.6km(ф 1.0mm2) . Can receive bus line amplifier in order to extend bus line length. Can use a star to form, class is connected and be mixed receive wait for quick wiring way, below the premise that does not exceed amount of defence area aggregate, the amount of equipment of augment of the bus line on each paragraphs of bus line asks to do not have limitation.

3. can receive 15 clavier, cent is 8 independent partition, can become independent respectively place troops on garrison duty / withdraw a garrison.
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