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Of warning apparatus of guard against theft " remote controller " common problem
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System of guard against theft of the car that contains a remote controller now, autocycle, electric car, family is really increasing, the remote controller is in people is brought convenient while, also can appear sometimes a few small issues, it is a few problems with common remote controller are mixed below settle way.
(If indicator light of the remote controller when key-press is not bright 1) remote controller is very dark perhaps without reaction, may be inadequacy of n of remote controller batteries so; If change after batteries, remote controller indicator light is not bright still, should check batteries to losing polarity to whether be installed instead and batteries and installation whether to contact good; If the examination above does not have a problem, but remote controller indicator light is not bright still, should check key-press to whether damage, if press respond of certain key-press indicator light, some key-press do not have reaction, probable it is key-press attaint, or remote controller attaint.

(2) remote controller is incontrollable receive equipment to answer above all according to above be told affirm whether the remote controller has a problem, if the remote controller does not have a problem, and this kind of circumstance is to changing appear after batteries or component of system of guard against theft, should match according to what secure a program to undertake a remote controller so, not all also receive equipment to need to undertake matching, different reception sets the provision with different stock; If have two remote controllers, can experiment another remote controller whether respond, if respond of another remote controller, the password that may be this remote controller is missing, need matchs afresh; If match the remote controller that finish to still cannot be used, the emissive antenna that receives lead plane possibly to have problem or this remote controller has a problem; If remote controller lead plane by screen or around have very strong interference cause, criterion the electromagnetic wave that lead plane cannot receive a remote controller correctly to give out, uncontrollable admit equipment act.

(3) remote controller is apart from effectively very close if this problem is,appear after the remote controller used period of time, may be batteries n inadequacy; If sometimes far sometimes close, may be the influence of surroundings; If remote controller lead plane by screen or by interference, also can appear this kind of problem, for example the explosion proof film with stickup car has screen effect to remote controller lead plane, or the effect that the certain equipment that use phone has interference.

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