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The design of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and installation
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The type selecting of system of fire alarm of 2.3 leakage of electricity
According to not complete count, current, home already had system of fire alarm of more than 10 leakage of electricity to produce manufacturer, basically distributing in and other places of Beijing, Guangdong, actual strength is abundant, have quite of dimensions not much, product quality the good and bad are intermingled, this is the characteristic of new product youth market. This year level of state of second half of the year " electric fire supervisory system " after GB 14287-2005 is carried out formally, contented " electric fire supervisory system " the product type selecting of the requirement will not be put in the problem, the changeover that is new old standard only at present transfers period.
According to its product configuration, basically have 3 kinds of kinds.
The first kind is “ muti_function switch of leakage of electricity ” , typical delegate has the product of Guangdong and Fujian manufacturer. Its characteristic is: Have include odd electric current to explore, warning function inside patulous muti_function, market leakage of electricity, short circuit, overload, press too, owe pressure, lack power transmission of photograph, delay time, prevent add up to brake to prevent the function such as thunder even by accident at a suit, OK group net implementation centers monitoring remotely, the exterior is an outfit, interior general detector (voltaic transformer) , circuit of power source commutation, signal processing circuit, call the police circuit, signal company moves interface, advocate loop disjunction switch (100A is the following and multi-purpose magnetism maintains relay, 100A to above uses contactor or leave for nothing -- model carapace breaker) conformity is together, form muti_function switch of leakage of electricity. Advantage of this sort product: Protective function is much, inside transformer of buy electric current (include voltaic transformer and transformer of 0 foreword electric current) , wiring is little, conformity is spent tall, use convenient; Defect: Structure breed of on the high side of complex, fault rate, product is not whole, because bulk is restricted, at present the biggest electric current has 225 A only; Because interior includes switch of electric source control (breaker) , it is crucial distribution product, still must pass electric switch kind attestation of electric product 3C; Because power supply cord must pass pass in and out of warning apparatus switch, should alter distribution box circuitry, to transforming a project in already figuration uses medium distribution case (ark) not applicable. It is 422 communication interface commonly, 4 line is made, protect module without bus line short circuit, short circuit of local bus line brings about whole system easily to break down.
The 2nd kind is electric fire supervisory equipment and detector of electric fire monitoring (transformer) detached configuration, typical delegate has the product of many manufacturer of Beijing. Electric fire supervisory equipment passes fire monitoring detector (transformer) sampling distribution box (ark) the place inside the electric current inside and classics of leakage current signal is only the concentration that room of fire control control reports after systems analysis handles a machine controller, adopt model carapace breaker take off buckle device (or contactor coil) dump. Advantage: Do not contain switch of electric source control, do not act distribution system, mix through transformer sampling signal only buckle control, no matter new project still transforms a project to go to the lavatory quite, 2 bus line, have protection of bus line short circuit, function is stable and reliable, defect: Supervisory equipment and detector of electric fire monitoring (transformer) between need lays RVVP-P/8 core line reachs 2 core to take off discount control line, have the rest only commonly electric current and cross electric current to explore a function. Can foreknow, this kind of configuration that becomes independent relatively with distribution system will be henceforth the main development direction of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity. Structural principle sees graph 1 place is shown.
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