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The design of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and installation
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Graph 1 : System of fire alarm of supervisory equipment and detector depart configuration leakage of electricity
The 3rd kind is supervisory equipment of the 2nd kind of electric fire and detector of electric fire monitoring (transformer) detached configuration a kind of special case, it is the 2 bus line that its bus line uses system of common fire alarm directly only, and leave out is centered controller and go up a machine, after by conformity of buildup fire alarm controller odd electric current explores warning function, control along with all the others. This sort product has manufacturer of equipment of a fire alarm of Beijing to produce only at present. Advantage: Can save electric fire supervisory system to center controller and go up a machine, save group net wiring, basically saved shaft line, monitoring of unifinication of fire control center, the interface is unified, convenient managing. Defect: What system of original fire alarm control still needs to adopt supervisory system of GB 14287-2005 electric fire afresh is double detect attestation. After combination, breakdown of relatively complex fire alarm system also may cause system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity to break down, make systematic dependability is reduced. In addition, the system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity that specializations at independent setting relatively manages platform centrally for, function and interface should lose a few, older to dimensions building, the system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity that still had better install independence is advisable.
The installation of system of fire alarm of 2.4 leakage of electricity devises way
According to characteristic of the type selecting of product of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and project distribution system, have kind of the following kinds of designs commonly:
The installation of form of interior of 2.4.1 distribution box is designed
Use at new project to set the condition of box of special floor distribution in floor commonly. The exploration controller system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and form a complete set of breaker of miniature model carapace use slideway form to install, secure transformer of leakage of electricity appropriate inside box position again. Or will muti_function switch of leakage of electricity direct installation is in the product distribution box interior is proper the position, will total power supply passes this switch (warning apparatus) .
2.4.2 distribution box (ark) the installation design of exterior form
Right new old (transform) the project is applicable, the box of fire prevention monitoring that installs exploration controller technically is set around distribution box. General and applicable transformer of 4 syncretic electric current (transformer of 3 electric current and transformer of electric current of a 0 foreword) . Transform a project to suggest applicable mouth voltaic transformer (by two buckle partly close) , can not move original distribution case as far as possible (ark) inside wire and parts of an apparatus are decorated. Centralize the system of distribution to building ground floor, can install many walls type leakage current to explore controller to center installation, orderly and beautiful, convenient bus line is received. Muti_function switch of leakage of electricity product need introduces power source leakage of electricity to call the police first distribution case is accepted again after switch device.
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