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The design of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and installation
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2) When installing leakage current breaker, should press a demand, in electric arc ejective direction has enough flying arc space.
3) When installation, must distinguish strictly N line and PE line, 3 class 4 lines type or 4 extremely the detector of voltaic mutual inductance that the N line of report of 4 lines form should adopt supervisory system of fire of leakage of electricity. Pass the N line of the detector of voltaic mutual inductance of supervisory system of fire of leakage of electricity, must not regard PE as the line, do not get iterative earth or receive equipment to appear approachable conductor. PE line must not receive protector of odd electric current.
4) When system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity does not have construction of unit of construction of classify distribution system, both sides should be communicated adequately, coordinate concerned installation means, dimension and electric technology parameter. New project uses electric fire supervisory equipment and detector of electric fire monitoring (transformer) when detached configuration product, in distribution ark (box) transformer dimension should be made clear to manufacturer when ordering goods, in order to facilitate obligate installs the position.
5) " civil building designs the high level fire prevention standard " of GB50045-2005 9.1.1 requirements, system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity ought to be carried out with electric regulation according to fire control. Accordingly, no matter fire control center is installed the regulation that the detector of electric fire monitoring that centers controller or spot setting wants to use phone according to fire control is carried out, receive fire control to use phone.
6) The detector of voltaic mutual inductance of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity is in distribution ark (box) inside installation, want special attention construction is safe, should be in cut off the power the construction below the circumstance, notice strong weak report takes a line apart, lay alone line of detector of voltaic mutual inductance, should use the much core control line that takes screen. Special attention prevents to receive wrong line or make contact, the detector of many fire monitoring of detector of monitoring of fire of the burn down in causing strong report to string together fire monitoring detector or couplet net.
7) Transform a project to answer commonly combined-type electric current / lower end of breaker of carapace of model of park of detector of odd electric current gives line point, when installation is disadvantageous, can consider to install the end joining a line at model carapace breaker.
8) Construction unit should provide movable type (hold portable) detector of odd electric current, of electric current of the rest of system of distribution of advanced when debug travel detect, eliminate odd electric current in time unusual situation, make detailed record. According to GB13955 standard 5.7.3 with 5.7.5 requirements, the leakage current with appropriate set calls the police threshold values, call the police normally double what set value takes a value to not be less than circuit and equipment to run leak electric current to be worth normally.
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