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Camera technology term explains
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It is the front equipment that gets surveillant spot picture, it with the face blast CCD image sensor is core component, circuit of circuit of generation of adscititious and synchronous signal, video signal processing and power source.

The scanning of camera makes type

The scenery of monitoring spot can cross camera lens to go up to resemble in the sensitive target range of camera, repass scanning changeover outputs this image with successive telegraphic size shape.

CCD image sensor

Call charge coupling parts of an apparatus, the core component of CCD camera is a face blast model CCD image sensor, it by compositive on same silicon chip tens of 10 thousand equivalent miniature MOS capacitor is formed.

CCD dimension and resemble prime number

What CCD dimension points to is the diagonal dimension of face of sensitization of CCD image sensor.

Resemble prime number

The report that those who point to is camera CCD sensor resembles prime number greatly, to the CCD chip of certain measure, the area that means each unit resembling element more more like prime number is smaller, the resolution of the camera that makes by this chip consequently is higher also.


It is a when judge camera actor of low quality important parameter, what it points to is to become when camera absorbs the stripe of black and white alternate with that waits for interval to arrange, the most line that can see on monitor is counted.

Lowermost intensity of illumination

Also be a when judge camera actor of low quality important parameter, omit sometimes “ lowest ” two words and direct abbreviation intensity of illumination. What it points to is the brightness when the scenery that be photographed low the video signal n that makes camera is outputted to certain level is low the scenery brightness when providing a value to some is worth.

Believe comparing of a confusion of voices

Also be a of camera main parameter. Its are defined basically is signal is multiplied to the ratio of noise with 20log. The believes comparing of a confusion of voices typical cost of CCD camera is commonly 45---55dB.

Automatic aperture interface

The standard CCD camera that sees in the market at present contains drive mostly the interface of automatic aperture camera lens, some can offer way of two kinds of drive at the same time (video drive, dc drive) video drive means is to point to camera to turn video signal electromotor; Dc drive means is the drive circuit that shows camera interior increased electromotor of camera lens aperture, dc of OK and direct output controls voltage to make its rotational to the aperture electromotor inside camera lens. Automatic aperture interface uses general video drive 3 needles, namely power source, video, ground connection; And automatic aperture interface uses dc drive 4 needles, namely damp, damp negative, drive, drive is lost.
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