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Camera technology term explains
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Electronic shutter

It is a term that the mechanical shutter function of camera prepping according to offers, it is equivalent to dominating the sensitive time of CCD image sensor.

Automatic gain control

The video signal that camera outputs must achieve TV to transmit standard n of the regulation, namely 0.7VPP, the standard video signal that can output 0.7VPP to can be below condition of different scenery intensity of illumination, must make the gain of amplifier can undertake modulatory inside bigger range. This kind of gain adjustment is normally through detecting the average n of video signal and finish automatically, the circuit that realizes this function calls circuitry of automatic gain control, abbreviation AGC circuit.

Be in a poor light compensation

Also call backlighting compensation or backlighting to make good omissions, it can compensate camera effectively to issue the blemish of darkness of subject of the appearance when filming in backlighting environment.

Line lock decides synchronism

It is one kind uses alternating current source to lock up a kind of synchronous way that decides pulse of camera field synchronism. When the net wave that because alternating current source is caused,appears when image is disturbed, dial this switch the line to lock up calm synchronism (L, L) the position, with respect to the interference that can remove alternating current source.

Bai Pingheng and black balance

Bai Pingheng is the important parameter of chromatic camera, it affects the chromatic result of returning image directly, when the white balance setting of camera is undeserved, returning image can appear slant lubricious phenomenon, can make do not take colorific scenery to also be worn originally especially went up color. Black balance also is a of chromatic camera important parameter, it is to show camera is filming black scenery perhaps is built go up when camera lens is built, output 3 basic n to answer equal, make reveal pure black again on monitor screen.

The level is phasic adjust

The level is phasic (HP) also call travel is phasic, it and chromatic subcarrier have strict lock to decide a relation.

Perpendicular and phasic adjust

Also call field is phasic, it and travel are phasic also have strict lock to decide a relation, basically be to be used at assuring right TV scanning pattern.

Camera lens

Camera lens is the essential component in TV monitoring, camera lens and CCD camera cooperate, can will remote the target is become go up like the CCD target range in camera. The sort of camera lens is various, from the classification on focal length, can divide be apart from for short focal distance, the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen, long focal distance and zoom lens; From the size classification of visual field, can divide for extensive role, standard, telephoto lens; From the classification on the structure, still can divide focus camera lens, hand to move aperture to focus camera lens to secure aperture, automatic aperture focuses camera lens, the hand moves scorch camera lens, automatic aperture dynamoelectric scorch camera lens, dynamoelectric 3 alterable camera lens (aperture, focal length, focusing this 3 person all but) wait for a type.
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