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Camera technology term explains
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Camera lens is become like dimension

Camera lens can be divided commonly for 25.4mm(1in) , 16.9mm(2/3in) , 12.7mm(1/2in) , 8.47mm(1/3in) and 6.35mm (1/4in) wait for a few kinds of norms, they part corresponding move is become differently like dimension, when choosing camera lens, should make of camera lens into like be identical of dimension size photograph.

Camera lens focal length

In applying actually, via often can the user puts forward this camera can see how far object or this camera clear can see the problem such as how much wide setting clear, the focal length of the camera lens that this uses first by place actually will decide, because focal length decided to absorb the bulk that resembles image, the camera lens that uses different focal length is photographed to the some object of same position when resembling, of the scenery dimension that the camera place that mixes scene of long focal distance absorbs big, conversely, the scenery size that the camera place that mixes scene of short focal distance absorbs is small.

Camera lens is opposite bore diameter

Carry the luminous flux volume of camera lens for control, in camera lens hind all installed aperture. Assume the effective aperture of aperture is D, be refracted as a result of the light and concern, the effective aperture with actual shot is D, of D and focal length F it is opposite aperture A than the definition, namely A=D/f

Camera lens angle of visual field

Camera lens angle of visual field: Camera lens has an affirmatory view, the Zhang Jiao to this eye shot and height and width calls camera lens angle of visual field.

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