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Family expenses business buys knowledge with warning apparatus of guard against
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As social progress, people living standard rises gradually, take degree seriously to also raise; to be in social commercialization process ceaselessly to domestic worth and household safety, bring a few not stable elements as a result of social system transition to also be opposite in promotional people of the demand; science and technology of warning apparatus of domestic guard against theft popularize progress, the warning apparatus of guard against theft that makes original nobility mysterious begins a family. Where, how ability is from already domestic choose and buy a function the warning apparatus of domestic guard against theft with practical, real value?
We suggest the user notices the following:
1. The lawful sex of the product. Above all, should pay close attention to a product to whether concern a branch to approve production through the country. The door is opposite national The Ministry of Commerce and Industry how to prevent a product to produce company scope of operations mechanism of due and clear public security of formulary; each district also is met to how defending a product licence of nuclear hair production, sell meeting nucleus hair to sell licence; to how defending a product to passing line, national MII returns meeting nucleus to send telegraphic equipment to enter net license. Illuminate to having above at the same time (business charter) , 3 card (how to prevent a product to produce licence, how to prevent a product to sell licence, telegraphic equipment to enter net license) product, the user can include a choose and buy range. In the course that because the country concerns a branch to send afore-mentioned card in the nucleus,takes, meeting according to strict examination program opposite is produced (sale) factory / the aptitude of business undertakes checking, ask to be in this factory especially / random type has in the product that business batch produces sample and hand in national legal to examine branch: Safety of " of the Ministry of Public Security and alarm detect with electronic product quality central " and the product that phone of MII " country pledges check center " undertakes examine into the net, this one process is the strict test of pair of product quality, the product that can pass test only just may obtain the condition that send card. To the entrance how to defend a product, also pass afore-mentioned person that examine only, just have obtain hair (sale, telegraphic equipment joins a network) the postulate of licence.
2. Of warning apparatus of domestic guard against theft form basically. Warning apparatus of domestic guard against theft operates a part by warning apparatus lead plane, of all kinds defensive probe, user normally (clavier, remote controller) form. Can distinguish from the function for 3 much: Follow-up of part of processing of spot of exploration share of exploration part, spot processing part, follow-up processing share treats a share of all kinds and defensive probe (door magnetism, passive infra-red detector, active and infra-red detector, urgent pushbutton, smoke feels / probe of fire alarm probe, combustible gas) warning apparatus lead plane (: Dial set phone term sound to call the police beforehand, (special data line transmits: ? of egg of calamity of let down with a rope is handled)
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