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Family expenses business buys knowledge with warning apparatus of guard against
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Newest method is to use invisible to firing type infrared ray net of guard against theft, this kind of equipment has two kinds of type: Room exterior needs to use; of adapter power supply wireless transmission means, fan or the one much fan window that can be apart from plane of the wall inside, gate, same wall to the 5~30m outdoor form meshy and planar shape to defend, can realize " of true " whole sealing to the building defensive; is indoor model use; of batteries power supply wireless transmission means, can install in the balcony and indoor window, door, corridor two side, to 1~8m the distance executes linear and defensive; this kind of equipment can realize " of true " whole sealing to the building defensive; is indoor model because provide DIY(client proper motion to install more) convenience sex, can achieve motor-driven defence, have economic value more.
Prevent to rob, emergency treatment appeals come true with urgent pushbutton, also should make necessary equipment in warning apparatus of domestic guard against theft. If remote controller and urgent pushbutton are an organic whole when, should assess urgent pushbutton to prevent the ability of false triggering. Fire prevention and an index that preventing combustible gas leak also is function of evaluation warning apparatus. Right alarm the newspaper of affection sends kind is function of evaluation warning apparatus / price comparing and practical main index. The most original journal sends a way is to use the site alarm date to the; of person give a warning around relatively all-pervading newspaper sends a way is to call the police the telephone number that lead plane can dial an user automatically to be set beforehand, the specification that can broadcast an user to be recorded beforehand after dial is touched alarm the speech; of the place and apply as village of commodity room house or community joint defence, ask to call the police lead plane has couplet net warning function.
Implementing the traditional method that couplet net calls the police is to use computer to receive the data information that comes from special railway line or line, both compare and character, use line deferent data information has circuit reliability tall, maintenance-free, enlarge look is convenient wait for clear advantage. But use computer to receive telephone the data information of the line, again its are not worth: Average PC is assumed hard keep day and night the successive job of machine, if use the industry that can get used to ceaseless machine to work continuously to control personal computer, make product value rises 3~5 urgently again times, the wasteful; that creates fund uses personal computer to ask to handling the mastery of a skill or technique of personnel tall, the wasteful; that causes manpower resource uses personal computer to face virus to inbreak even from beginning to end, missing, dead machine starts data afresh wait for fatal flaw. Right alarm of affection the main index that distinguishing is function of evaluation warning apparatus. Have couplet net the lead plane of warning function should distinguish alarm affection (if inbreak, the) such as urgent, fire alarm, alarm classify (place of the door, window, room) . Of certain product function practical conflict with the standard (be like need not power source power supply) , certain product function and defensive end conflict (like remote control withdraw a garrison) .
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