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Camera shield is relevant knowledge
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General-purpose shield It is OK that according to installation the environment differentiates cent is mixed for indoor shield the shield outdoor 1. Indoor shield
Indoor shield must can protect camera and camera lens, make its avoid the pollution that gets dirt, impurity and caustic gas, want to be able to cooperate to install a place to achieve at the same time prevent destroyed purpose. Rolled steel of the aluminous capable person that indoor shield uses lacquer commonly or treats via oxidation, lacquer or plastic make, if use plastic, ought to use fireproof model or flame retardant model. Shield must have enough strength, install an interface must firm, window should be clear and transparent safety glass or plastic (polycarbonate) . The design position of electric join mouth should facilitate install and safeguard.
The 2. shield outdoor
Camera work temperature is - 45 ℃ of 5 ℃ ~ , and the properest temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ , can affect picture quality otherwise, damage even camera. Accordingly the shield outdoor should get used to all sorts of climate conditions, wait like wind, rain, snow, frost, low temperature, insolate, sand and dust. The different configuration that because use a site,the shield outdoor meets if sunshade cover, inside outfit / outside outfit fan, heater / defrost implement, rain is brushed implement, the auxiliary equipment such as cleaner.
Above all, sealing of the shield outdoor wants tall, enter in order to avoid water. Want the lower part in shield into line mouth at the same time, avoid rainwater to arrange wire cable to flow into shield. In shield ahead still should install rain to brush, what so that clear in time,accumulate rainwater and bilge, make camera can pass glass, shoot clear picture. Before the cover or the defrost on glass implement, melt its when window accumulates frost, firn.
Next, shield a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces contains heater, undertake heating in the environment with inferior temperature, promote shield internal temperature, ensure camera / camera lens works normally; Be installed inside or outside outfit fan can make the airiness inside shield, drop the temperature inside shield;
The function of auxiliary device control character of room exterior shield has automata and hand to use control two kinds, resemble heater / defrost implement, in-house temperature sensor is started automatically or fan is shut by shield, and brush like rain implement, the movement such as cleaner is the operation that controls device through be opposite by control personnel will come true.
The shield outdoor uses the aluminous material, rolled steel that takes coat, stainless steel to may be in order to use outdoor commonly of the environment plastic make. Production material must can be able to bear or endure the illuminate that suffers ultraviolet ray, answer otherwise appear very quickly crackle, fade, intensity falls low ageing phenomenon. In need shield durable, have high security to spend, can resist stainless steel shield should be used in the environment that destroys artificially; The aluminous shield that passes proper processing also is the shield with a kind of good performance, the processing technique has 3 kinds: Polyurethane bakes lacquer, zincous oxidation, zincous oxidation to add lacquer. Should not choose aluminium to make in the environment of mordant gas or steeliness helps each other; Stainless steel should be used in saline mist environment or special and plastic the shield that makes.
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