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Du Bangxuan cloth rolls out a kind of advanced technique
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Prevent state pioneer is thoroughbred (section of Pioneer Hi-Bred) business progresses to attend agriculture exhibition (the farmer of Farm Progress Show) rolled out Accelerated Yield Technology (abbreviation AYT) the newest tool laser in kit assists seed selection (technology of Laser-Assisted Seed Selection) . This technology will make the dimensions of vanward breeding project and limits enlarge 5 times 5 years in future.

The carbon dioxide laser that laser assists seed selection to use a 120 watt obtains one flake seed piece, in get its hereditary information while carry this seed cultivate viability. Molecular breeding technology is used to in what obtain every are planted alone piece in the genetic combination that differentiates place to need. The seed that is confirmed to have good gene will by pitch on, study through Xian Feng the project is used at cultivate and reforming.

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