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Infra-red distance is equal to nightly can inspect a distance
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What infra-red distance points to is the distance that infra-red light achieves, go to hundreds of meters from a few meters, it is several kilometers even. And nightly can inspecting a distance is the clarity that can see through monitor place effective the largest space, be the quality that by the feeling of the glow distance of infra-red lamp, camera infra-red degree, spot reflexes infra-red circumstance, power supply source and camera lens match a circumstance to decide. Of set of the CPU that each other result resembles computer between them, memory, chip like matching a circumstance, of any link work efficiency reduce can make the loss of efficiency of whole system. A lot of agency and manufacturer are in advantage position to make his product can be in competition now, become exaggerate severalfold the function of own product, and give the infra-red space of a product only, do not say a single word the clarity that the client wants truly can inspect a distance, so that machine of present infra-red an organic whole is nominal,can see many meters 200.

Better sense is infra-red camera (note: What indicate here is color turns black and white camera) cooperate remote the camera lens of infra-red lamp and relevant focus, farthermost also can see 150 meters are controlled only, although increase the rice of infra-red lamp to count again, just also change somewhat in luminous intensity, how much cannot change on the distance, because the feeling of chromatic camera is infra-red,this is degree is as the distance present reduces state, the feeling that the principle of chromatic camera CCD also decided chromatic camera is infra-red degree is inferior to black and white camera.

And the much that the client uses in actual project now is color turns black and white camera, right now infra-red can inspect distance and infra-red distance to have very big difference. Infra-red can inspect a distance the real significance in the project is far be apart from outside Yu Gong very. We act on the principle of honest credence, emphasize here infra-red the difference that can inspect distance and infra-red distance, the hope conduces to large-scale project business and equipment business understanding these two concepts somewhat, facilitating choice fits your product.

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