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Infra-red night inspects the advantage of waterproof camera
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Compare at general and common infra-red camera, specific distinction is main the advantage is analysed as follows:

1.Circuit and appearance design are unique: Solved medicinal powder heat and hydrosphere problem, the infra-red design of high-power, when using 220V power supply inside buy pledges high power source of stabilized voltage switch (96~264V) , when using 12V power supply, configure appropriative manostat, make sure stable power is inputted; 80 metersAbove machine is planted inside buy fan, solved medicinal powder the problem with heat and flabby voltage; Camera lens face uses glass of waterproof plating Mo and Taiwan to pledge glue is encircled high, rubber group sealing can be outstanding, glass of waterproof plating Mo does not touch water, achieve water not to have mark too truly, next wet do not affect picture quality; When crust is designed, to stop water, crust airframe uses moire shape design, increased to design difficulty and material, but reduced camera outer place bears the force of big water and the likelihood that enter water; Common camera camera lens and infra-red lamp are in same planar, heat up inside not all when gas brings about easy condensate picture is not clear problem; The camera lens of the camera outside Hai Menggong and infra-red lamp are absent a plane, camera lens is put outside, infra-red lamp is calorific introduce hydrosphere to won't affect result of camera lens lens, ; puts an end to the; of water mist phenomenon that northward infra-red in the winter camera appears easily

2.Infra-red lamp power is different: A lot of infra-red manufacturers of domestic, to reduce cost, use low simple common and infra-red tube, look in normal power apparently not far, , they no matter far close quarters all is used same the infra-red lamp of kind of power, in remote when infra-red illuminate is apart from and enhance appeal to increase short-term, then factitious ground increases power, rise enter electric current, come so, power went up, but those who exceeded this kind of common and infra-red lamp is normal bear limits, infra-red lamp works out of order, short-term and easy the extensive of occurrence extensive white dazzling is white factitious (eye fine is aglow) phenomenon, guide infra-red lamp burns out for a long time reach loss of life; Newest set is different outside Ta Jiagong, it uses the Taiwan light that itself is high-power, differ according to far and near, use the infra-red light of different power, solved image to become white, in the evening white or the eye is aglow the problem of image dazzling, make picture more clear in the evening, natural;

3.The camera heart inside piece with camera lens different
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