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The professional term about camera lens 2
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CMOS Chinese interpret is "(Comple-mentary Metal-Oxicle-Semiconductor of semiconductor of oxide of " complementary metal)

What is meant by cinematograph CCD to resemble element? Alleged CCD says the window of the soul that is cinematograph simply, and the look with CCD itself long look an IC Chip, the upper part of Chip has a lot of sensitive and imperceptible element, the amount of sensitive component affects cinematograph to draw qualitative stand or fall directly, and the sensitive component on its says for " picture element " .

What is meant by 3CCD? General cinematograph has a CCD only, and 3CCD has 3 CCD Chip, and R, G, B (red, green, blue) 3 primary colorses are handled respectively by 3 Chip, because its colour degree of saturation reachs resolution,can compare cinematograph of general odd CCD a lot of taller. If you have the camera that crosses business order and degree alertly, you can discover, all of one suit all is planted for 3CCD machine.

The shock-proof function that whats is meant by camera (Steady Shot) ? "Shock-proof " ! ! Not be to say the machine is not afraid of fall, however at hold the stability that film can increase when filming. Current and shock-proof can divide for two kinds of systems, it is optical and shock-proof, another amount to shock-proof. Optical and shock-proof it is the result that produces stability with lens floating principle, the picture has comparatived character, almost with so need not shock-proof the picture when is qualitative same, but shock-proof effect is not apparent. Additional and digital shock-proof to magnify film, the shadow look that takes intermediate part is become advocate video, of its Yu periphery video the athletic space when be shock-proof generation, because video by enlarge, picture qualitative change is so poor, but shock-proof effect is better.

Wide-angle lens (Wide Angle) call short Jiao Jing the head again. Wide-angle lens because focal distance is very short, project so the scenery to negative with respect to decrescent shooting angle of enlarge broad camera lens, except can film more scenery, can film below narrow environment more those who give broad point of view is video.

Light exposure (Exposure) light exposure is image makes the most primitive crucial factor, it is main by aperture (Aperture) and shutter (two respects of Shutter) decide.

Depth of field is in when shooting picture, adjust camera camera lens, the scenery clarity that makes be apart from camera certainly becomes the process that resemble, be called right anxious (focusing) , the dot that that scenery is in, call pair of central issues, because " clear " is not a kind of very idea, so, to the focus before (stand by camera) , hind of the scenery inside certain distance into it is OK to resemble be clarity, the summation of this around limits, be called depth of field, means should be in only the scenery in this limits, can film clearly. The size of depth of field, concern with camera lens focal length above all, the shot with long focal distance, depth of field is small, the camera lens depth of field with short focal distance is big. Next, depth of field and aperture are concerned, aperture is smaller (numerical value is greater, for example the aperture of F16 is smaller than the aperture of F11) , depth of field is bigger; Aperture is bigger (numerical value is less, for example the aperture of F2.8 is more than F5.6) depth of field is smaller. Next, the background after depth of field is less than before is dark, that is to say, be opposite accurately after Jiao Zhi, very a bit shorter to having only before the focus the scenery inside the distance can be clear into picture, and to the focus from the back very a paragraph long the scenery inside the distance, it is clear.
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