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The distinction of CCD and CMOS
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Compare from technical angle, what CCD and CMOS are like below 4 respects is different: 1. Information is read take kind
The charge information that CCD charge coupler stores, after needing to control an executive move of a ground in synchronous signal, read take, charge information is transferred and read bell control circuit and 3 groups of different power source when taking output to need to have to close suitably, whole circuit is relatively complex. Electricity produces directly after CMOS photoelectricity sensor is changed via photoelectricity (or voltage) signal, signal is read take very simple.

2. speed
CCD charge coupler needs to be below the control of synchronous clock, with behavior unit information of an output of a ground, rate is slower; And telegraphic order can be taken out while CMOS photoelectricity sensor collects smooth signal, still can handle each unit image information at the same time, rate is a lot of rapidder than CCD charge coupler.

3. power source reachs power consumption
CCD charge coupler needs power supply of 3 groups of power source mostly, power consumption is bigger; CMOS photoelectricity sensor needs to use a power source only, power consumption is very small, the 1/8 that is CCD charge coupler only arrives 1/10, CMOS photoelectricity sensor has very large dominant position in energy-saving respect.

4. is become like quality
The technology of CCD charge coupler that make starts early, the technology is mature, use PN knot or 2 oxidation silicon (SiO2) separator keeps apart noise, have definite advantage into sensor of photoelectricity of opposite like quality CMOS. Because CMOS photoelectricity sensor is compositive,spend tall, the distance is very close between component of each smooth telex feeling, circuit, mutual interference of the light between, report, magnetism is more serious, noise is very big to picture quality influence, make very long period of time cannot enter CMOS photoelectricity sensor practical. In recent years, as the ceaseless development of technology of a confusion of voices of CMOS circuit disappear, to produce high density high grade CMOS image sensor offerred good condition.

In addition, two kinds of sensor are in CCD and CMOS " internal composition " and " exterior structure " going up is different: 1. internal composition (the structure of sensor itself)
Of CCD into it is X like the dot - Y freely matrix is arranged, every are become mix by diode of a photoelectricity like the dot memery block of an adjacent charge comprises its pilot. Photoelectricity diode the light (photons) changeover is charge (electron) , the intensity of the electronic amount that collect and light becomes direct ratio. Reading when taking these charge, the cache that each data is moved to transmit direction to perpendicular charge implement in. Every charge information is numerated continuously, repass charge / voltage converter and amplifier are passed feeling. The image of this kind of tectonic generation has low noise, high-powered characteristic. But manufacturing CCD needs to use technology of clock signal, bias voltage, because this is whole construction is complex, increased power consumption, also raised cost.
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