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Detailed solves unifinication camera
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The technology of unifinication camera makes progress Crucial technology compares concentration

How to prevent using unifinication camera technology is from technology of family expenses camera development comes out, slam the door the add function such as the portable device of family expenses camera, indication interface and storage equipment, withhold what its suit CCTV monitoring to photograph only like the function. Life of average engine of Electromechanical of civil an organic whole is brief, photograph the meeting when growing too like time to stop by oneself, and how to prevent ask 24 hours to keep filming commonly with machine of an organic whole, to electric machinery, photograph all compare like time requirement tall, odd from photograph will look like the part, of course its price also compares confidential of common and civil an organic whole tall, if be told only,seek cost cheap, can affect the effective monitoring that how defends a system, like bazaar of the Wuhan a few years ago Ceng Yin chooses installation of machine of civil an organic whole for cost issue to arrive how to be prevented on the system, result problem emerges in endlessly.

The crucial technology of unifinication camera is camera lens, CCD and DSP processing module. Camera lens basically is mastered by Japanese manufacturer place, wait like Canon, Camputar, Avenir, OEM is offerred in domain of machine of an organic whole most is Canon camera lens. From CCD (the crucial element that is camera actor bad) look, the supplier is given priority to with Sony, sony produces CCD with civil for the mainstream, sony CCD cent is Super HAD and Exview two sort, among them Exview is latest technology, adopt 1/4 very little measure generally, sexual a confusion of voices compares prep above Super HAD; Panasonic and Samsung produce engine of an organic whole with his CCD severally; Other Kodak, Fuji basically develops the CCD that major uses. Chip is handled in DSP, different manufacturer has distinguishing feature each, the DSP chip that is like Sony spends a respect in color rendition more outstanding, and the DSP of Canon, Nikon is mixed in the mode that catch light right anxious it is better to go up.

At present China produces engine of an organic whole is to use entrance machine core, pledge in image and picture accordingly on difference of as basic as foreign product that's all right, think consequently the durable sex respect that the technical point of domestic product centers in the product, because domestic product is on the electric machinery of machine of an organic whole and gearing,be him research and development, the hear resistance of electric machinery and gearing affects the stability of machine of an organic whole and durable sex directly. The electric machinery that is used at machine of an organic whole has synchronous electric machinery and dc electric machinery, temperature rise of synchronous electric machinery is sharp, service life wants relatively short, but dc opportunity cost is too high, consequently the market still is given priority to with synchronous electric machinery.
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