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The function analysis of infra-red unifinication camera and choice
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Camera of infra-red an organic whole is become like the principle
Supervisory system is inspected in night in, groovy method is to use visible light illume, but existence of this kind of means cannot concealment, expose the weakness such as monitoring target easily, because this is used less; Concealment at present, scientific night inspects monitoring is to use infra-red photograph like the technology. Infra-red photograph mix for passive type like technical cent active. Passive and infra-red photograph resembling a technology is to use any material to be in absolute zero (- 273 ℃ ) radiate of exterior line of above Dou Yougong, the temperature of the object is higher, the infrared ray that radiation gives is more. The camera that uses this principle to be made is the most typical is infra-red heat resembles appearance, but, this kind of special infra-red camera cost is high, because this is confined to military affairs or special situation,use. And active and infra-red photograph like the technology, it is to use infra-red lamp radiate " illume " (basically be infra-red light) , apply common low intensity of illumination black and white camera, color turns black and white camera or camera of color of infra-red low intensity of illumination, experience all round scenery and environment reflex the infra-red light that come back to realize night to inspect monitoring. Active and infra-red it is mature like the technology to photograph, stable, become night to inspect the mainstream of monitoring.
Infra-red unifinication camera is camera, shield, will infra-red lamp, power supply medicinal powder the put together such as hot unit synthesizes those who be an organic whole to photograph like equipment. The fundamental that it realizes night to inspect is the spectral character that uses common CCD black and white camera to be able to experience infra-red light (can experience visible light namely, also can experience infra-red light) , cooperate infra-red lamp to regard as " lighting source " come night is inspected picture. The power of infra-red lamp and angle, the configuration of camera, the feeling of certain focal distance is infra-red camera lens, and whether good power supply comes loose heat treatment is the important parameter that judges performance of infra-red unifinication camera.
There also are a lot of products on the market at present is camera and infrared projector departure, this need user has adequate knowledge to the function of infra-red lamp and camera, can wait for reasonable collocation according to parameter of camera lens of the angle of infra-red lamp, camera. The function of infra-red unifinication camera is analysed
Infra-red unifinication camera has nocturnal apparent distance to leave in monitoring camera far, concealment quality the prominent dominant position such as stability of strong, function, inspect the market that much held in monitoring in CCTV night consequently. Does if where,confused discern in market of mixed infra-red unifinication camera actor bad? The infra-red unifinication camera with good performance must can have the following property:
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