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The proper understanding of camera of low intensity of illumination
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Camera of low intensity of illumination is in China in the camera of low intensity of illumination of gradual progress process of Chinese market simple cent is the gradual progress of the market the following 3 paces: By day color / black and white in the evening (COLOR/MONO) ; Low speed shutter (SLOW/SHUTTER) reach super- feeling spend camera (EXVIEW/HAD) .   one, by day color / black and white in the evening (COLOR/MONO of day and night camera)
This kind of camera still has its specific demand in the market at present group, home market rolls out DIS888C in American conclude beautiful before crepuscular night inspects camera PC-360D, night inspects camera to inspect mainstream product for night with this type camera all the time.
Day and night (COLOR/MONO) the intensity of illumination of camera is 0LUX even in numerical value of designation of the lowest on home market, we can't help wanting to ask: "Camera is optical principle to be made, how to become below 0 intensity of illumination picture? " by day color / black and white in the evening (COLOR/MONO) camera is to use black and white and video spend taller characteristic to infrared feeling, in certain illuminant condition, the means that uses circuit switch will be video turn by color for black and white, match in order to facilitate infrared ray. In color / in the course of technical gradual progress that black and white circuitry changes, inchoate like PHILIPS (flying benefit riverside) , IKEGAMI (on the pool) , Japanese JVC Ceng Cai uses 2 SENSOR (a color, 1 black and white) common a group of circuit go again switch, at present this kind of camera already used onefold CCD (color) design, chromatic camera is when days or light source are adequate, when night arrives or illuminant is not worth (be in commonly 1LUX ~ 3LUX) use digital circuit to eliminate chromatic signal namely, become black and white and video, and for tie-in infrared ray, the infrared filter that also took off chromatic camera to cannot be short of is divided implement, although this kind of course of action can be achieved in night " low intensity of illumination " purpose, there is video faintness however by day, the defect with factitious colour, and the photographs image distance defection to be apart from by infra-red lamp illuminate limitation of camera.
Express according to the manufacturer, to offset this one weakness, japanese SANYO ever was rolled out use motor to control filter to leave close (namely as color / black and white and video switch, add up to filter) machine kind, but this machine is planted already also disappeared at the market it seems that. However, whether is COLOR MONO camera belonged to " low intensity of illumination " camera, still have controversy sex quite, the expert points out, true " camera of low intensity of illumination " should point to camera itself (uses cell, technology) accessible function, and by day color / black and white in the evening camera is spent because of sufferring CCD of be confined to to feel, itself cannot be changed, just use the means of circuit switch and tie-in and infra-red light to promote the function, cannot be camera of low intensity of illumination. 2, low speed shutter (SLOW/SHUTTER) this kind of camera is called again (picture) accumulate model camera, it is the technology that uses computer to recall form, successive will a few are not worth because of the light and relatively the picture that shows faintness is accumulated rise, make the appearance of a video clarity, apply SLOW SHUTTER technology to reduce camera intensity of illumination to 0.008LUX/F1.2 (× 128) , and the picture can be accumulated frame is counted (128 frame) it is to attribute the banner level that includes to import a brand inside even. Camera of this type low intensity of illumination is applied to prohibit the museum that red, ultraviolet ray destroys, nightly biology activity observes, surveillance of coasting of nightly military affairs, attribute relatively the surveillance of static place. Xu Tanbin of manager of department of sale of company of Taiwan benefit approach thinks, the camera that uses SLOW SHUTTER technology just is camera of true low intensity of illumination; Taiwan approach installs Zhang Zhiming of manager of business of science and technology to think, camera of low intensity of illumination should be to point to (picture) accumulate model camera. Belong to the camera of low intensity of illumination of this type at present, taiwan manufacturer is dominant with Lilin, entrance brand has NEC, IKEGAMI, FUJULSU, MITSUBISHI, SAMSUNG to wait, price of most entrance brand is high, and accumulate frame number is little (32 frame) , go up like Japanese pool (IKEGAMI) 0.03/F1.2 of ICD-870P intensity of illumination (× 32) . For this project, agency more the should belong to a technology to go up to precede likewise Taiwan Bo Kai of favour (P-CAM) . 3, super- feeling spend camera (EXVIEW/HAD) super- feeling spend camera (EXVIEW/HAD) , weigh camera 24 hours again, for " 98 years the machine with the most popular whole world is planted, its color intensity of illumination can amount to 0.05LUX, black and white can amount to 0.003-0.001LUX (infrared ray of Yi Ke collocation in order to amount to 0LUX) not only can clear argue sign is video, it is the picture with consecutive real time more. This type camera basically is to use SONY component plant at " the EXVIEW/HAD/CCD that rolls out 97 years (exceed feeling CCD) , its use patent technology CCD the mouth rate of every brushstroke element rises, achieve the requirement of lower intensity of illumination then, the cost making Cheng as a result of this CCD still tall, in the whole world when 99 years of statistic the gross of every month still also is less than 4000; Opposite finished product manufacturer wants research and development the technical threshold of this kind of camera is higher also. During 2000 Beijing exposition, the night that American Discover rolls out inspects the DIS888C in set machine, DIS988C to use technology of EXVIEW HAD CCD namely, revealed its unapproachable night to inspect the effect, the technique that its adopt is picture of EXVIEW HAD CCD accumulates a technology, and was eliminated basically pull shadow phenomenon, estimation precedes with also be being belonged to global technology at present level.
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