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Video of perpendicular synchronism, color is compound signal synchronism, outside lock of line of synchronous, dc is decided and complete synchronism is the synchronous method that differs between camera.

Completely synchronous: The method that if complete synchronism is best between broadcast studio camera,all lock is two application that are used at nicety surely. It will be synchronous: Level, perpendicular, even / odd area, colour sparks frequency and phase.

Perpendicular and synchronous: It is the simplest method comes synchronous two camera, will make sure video can use vintage switch through perpendicular drive frequency period or 4 break up a machine, in same a few video causes show on monitor. Perpendicular drive signal normally by repeat frequency 20/16.7 millisecond (50/60 hertz) the pulse composition with width of pulse 1~3 millisecond.

Chromatic video is compound video of compound signal delegate and color touch video of signal synchronism color signal, mean camera to be able to be mixed external signal of compound color video is synchronous. However although call chromatic video compound signal synchronism, undertake horizontal synchronism and perpendicular synchronism only actually, and spark without colour synchronous.

Outside synchronous: Special be similar to chromatic video compound signal is synchronous. A camera can synchronous the video signal at another camera, outside the chromatic video that synchronous camera can use an input is compound signal, extraction level and perpendicular and synchronous signal will do synchronism.

Dc line lock decides: It is a kind of old technique, use electric current of power supply cord of dc 50/60 hertz to come synchronous camera. Because shed power source of 24 bend over to be used extensively continuously,defend interconnected system of fire alarm syndicate at most building, because be obtained very easily. The switch as a result of old model implement and break up a system to remember a function without the number, what should keep stable is video, the synchronism between camera is very necessary, dc line lock is camera synchronism surely at communicating 50/60 hertz, the correlation of time is mixed between chromatic channel level / the colour that perpendicular signal can bring about how terrible without the tie is changed (colour phase is designed) , the user that because line of this all use communication is locked up,decides loses very good colour inevitably to change. Fortunately, present break up implement with 16 passageways compound processor and machine of hard disk video have interior to remember body to overcome this problem, need synchronous signal no longer, because this communicates a line,the lock decides a likelihood a certain number of meetings after year are washed out.

Colorless scroll: When video camera uses processor of digital question mark to fall in fluorescent lamp, what can produce serious lubricious roll only is video. Video meeting becomes blue, pink farewell to arrive from white change white, circulate so. Because alternating current source moves in the problem that 50/60 hertz place poses,this is. White-hot bulb can provide stable light, and the light of fluorescent lamp because the intensity of alternating current and colour fluctuate in commutation with the speed of 8.3ms. Traditional camera computation gives white balance to need 100~150ms (0.1~0.15) , slower than alternating current 8.5ms, because this can never be caught up with. Right current and video be clear that through ability of 8 total cycle time landed add lustre to rolls.
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