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The principle of infra-red lamp (one) infra-red glow diode (LED) principle
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Infra-red lamp illuminant is by infra-red glow diode (LED) matrix is combined and become. Infra-red glow diode is the PN written guarantee that by infra-red radiate efficiency expensive stuff makes, again adscititious writtening guarantee to PN to bias voltage infuse electric current, arouse infra-red light thereby. Spectral power distributings for central wavelengh 830nm- - 950nm, half peak bandwidth makes an appointment with 40nm left and right sides, it is tape distributings, it is the spectral range that common CCD black and white camera can experience. Its biggest advantage is OK do not have completely red cruel, or only and faint red cruel; Additional, infra-red glow diode still has the characteristic with long life.
* is red cruel see glow to have, use the infra-red light that the infra-red glow diode of wavelengh of 940nm ~ 950nm makes normally, can achieve devoid red cruel; Use the infra-red light that the infra-red glow diode of 850nm wavelengh makes, can achieve have slight red cruel effect.
* pursues the 1 spectrum that is diode of infra-red glow of 850nm, 940nm distributings graph
The impact that working status changes, prolong the service life of infra-red lamp.

(3) circuit of stabilized voltage constant current
To compensate infra-red lamp winter and summer the difference of power of infra-red ray radiation, this infra-red lamp used circuit of stabilized voltage constant current, make smooth power of infra-red glow diode stable, improved the use result of infra-red lamp thereby, prolonged service life.

(4) choose and use of infra-red lamp
The use effect of infra-red lamp and camera, camera lens, shield, power supply source and the object that be illuminated has immediate concern. Partial user was buying camera, camera lens, shield, power supply, after be being installed even, ability considers to buy infra-red lamp, this is incorrect, should be opposite when devising plan all equipment consider integratedly, regard it as night of an infra-red low intensity of illumination to inspect supervisory system project to undertake designing. Proposal user chooses sensitive to infra-red light black and white camera and high grade camera lens. The attention uses environmental contrast.

(5) installation
Had secured base, adjust lamp brilliance to spend, make limits of infra-red lamp illuminate is inside the limits of find a view of camera, join the polarity of power source voltage notices when power source. Reach application

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