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CK-236/238/2316 is common call the police lead plane breakdown and processing
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236, 238, 2316 clavier do not have reaction without any indication key-press
(1) . Of lead plane 1, whether do 2 terminal have communication voltage of 16.5 bend over? Whether does terminal of clavier power source have voltage of 12 Fu Zhi shedding? If check voltage of 16.5 bend over,abnormal likelihood is 220 bend over alternating current source or transformer attaint, the examination changes make its power supply normal. If voltage of 12 bend over did not flow to check clavier fuse to whether be burned first continuously on lead plane, if be burned,find out a reason to change new (236-F2 0.5A; 238, 2316-F3 0.75A) . Change voltage of 12 bend over or voltage still did not flow to need to find direct supplier to send long processing out of order continuously after fuse. (2) . Contrast does hookup examination lead plane arrive is the wiring of clavier correct? If discover an error,join wiring correctly by hookup please. (3) . By accident will [password of the member that install] [*] [69] [#] as lead plane restoration, lead plane is locked up to decide. Password of the member that ask reoccupy to install (leave factory setting 012345) [is *] [69] [#] operated see a result? If still show out of order,need to find direct supplier to send long processing.
Lead plane of 238C, 2316TL can be in only condition of place troops on garrison duty, cannot withdraw a garrison and enter process designing, be in dead plane position.
Producing an account is to be below the situation that does not understand user code setting, change easily leave factory the code of the first user of the setting is caused, because install user code fractionize to be " can place troops on garrison duty " , " can withdraw a garrison " , " cloth / withdraw a garrison all but " 3 sort, if change,become can type of place troops on garrison duty creates this situation namely. (1) . Whether be 2316 lead plane? If be, in advocate board upside finds DIRECT CONN, by it there are a pair of contacts on circuit board (following plan institute are shown) , short circuit of short circuit line is used after cutting off the power this contact, add report to continue short circuit 5-8 second, can disconnect, return leave factory setting. . (2) . Whether be 238 lead plane? If be, ask agency of Er of local Huo Ni Wei, have can change without chip, if have,can change, return to normal. If agency does not have chip, contact direct supplier to send as soon as possible please long. (3) . Whether be 236 lead plane? If be, ask agency of Er of local Huo Ni Wei, the graphic representation that faxes restoration of 236 lead plane explains.
After 236 lead plane add 2 LED clavier, every clavier address also parts set, but 2 clavier cannot work normally (when using a keyboard alone, be no problem) .
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