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IP network camera installs a note
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If want to be in,IP network camera is installed below some network frameworks already, the computer with a stronger performance is indispensable, can choose the PC of Windows95/98/NT/2000 or Linux exercise system, in addition malic computer also is a right choice. And the computer on common market has a network to assist function and browser normally, the person that use so is OK very easily cinematograph of network of the IP that start, do not need to be other peripheral nerve-racking.

The security that set code transmits with adding a network

If want to introduce IP network camera, the data that proposal set code admits with protecting cinematograph place; The password can prevent a data already outside, can make sure cinematograph operates set again won't by optional and manipulative. If want to apply in safe demand taller place, can receive IP network cinematograph the computer that has special safeguard to go up repeatedly, can use add secret technology, wait like HTTPS agreement, in order to ensure the confidential sex of the data.

High quality video notice

If hope to be caught high quality video, the user should notice the indication set of computer firebug act, colour of its firebug act needs to amount to 65 at least yuan; Additional, although planar LED indication act is used rise very convenient, but watching video when, the effect is inferior to CRT firebug act instead. Other high quality video demand is as follows:

. Use a large number of lights

Below a lot of circumstances, video picture is qualitative poorer it is You Wuzhao is spent too low. Generally speaking, the light is stronger, video quality is higher; And fall in weaker light, video colour is easy and drab, punch-drunk. General and professional cameraman can use camera flashlight make up for radial inadequacy.
In addition, although the cinematograph with higher resolution can be in intensity of illumination is small leave the job at the condition of 1 Lux, but this is imply writes cinematograph to be able to be caught when 1 Lux only video, do not represent however favorable video result can be achieved when 1 Lux; If want to catch tall analytic and video, its intensity of illumination needs to achieve 200 Lux at least.

. Avoid to be in a poor light

Generally speaking, the trends adjustment ability of cinematograph is finite, should avoid to appear as far as possible video the bright area that go up, bring about exposure because of bright video meeting overmuch, the object can appear too dark.

. Reduce contrast

The user can carry the exposure rate that adjusts cinematograph, will obtain more average intensity of illumination.

Install the camera outdoor

If want to be installation of IP network cinematograph outdoor, need to configure room external use housing. The cinematograph outdoor uses automatic scorch camera lens commonly, can adjust video feeling is measured implement the light of need, improve the dynamic function of cinematograph, can protect video feeling to measure implement spare the attaint of strong light.
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