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The influence of CCD camera quality to network camera
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Abstract: Network pickup camera (the network photographs converter of video of elephantine server, video server, network to wait) the quality of adoption CCD camera is very great to the influence of bandwidth, use high grade CCD camera to be able to reduce the bandwidth of network pickup camera greatly.

1.Of the problem put forward

The development of technology of network pickup camera, especially of broadband network gain ground, make the network monitoring application that is based on a network is gaining ground. As agile surveillance and control configuration, close together as website sth resembling a net confluence, Sunday run is long-range the advantage such as monitoring is traditional monitoring place cannot be likened to. How to master correctly reaching pickup camera of rational application network is the new task that the user faces.

Network pickup camera uses medium main problem actually, the first it is image reduces technical issue: The 2nd it is transmission problem of network bandwidth data. Alleged how is the essence that solves bandwidth problem namely on finite bandwidth transmit more the image of high quality, of course still what software of computer operating system runs ability rise (solution is pressed) problem; The application of processor is the fundamental technology that solves image of network pickup camera to reduce a problem in the center of the development that image data compresses a technology and high speed, a lot of technologies (especially MPEG4) develop, make undoubtedly we today's network pickup camera can obtain older image compression ratio than before. But whether to have these enough? The answer is negative.

2.Improving quality of primitive and referenced picture is the key that image compresses

In certain compression technology and particular applied environment fall, where is the bandwidth that pickup camera of network of what element influence is? This is systematic front whether can systematic CCD camera send a stability clean picture, namely each frame serves as new add primitive and referenced picture, still regard changeless compressible mutation as image, this element often is ignored by everybody. After stabilizing sordid image to input network pickup camera, network pickup camera identifies for new addition primitive and referenced picture and be transmitted afresh. Originally changeless compressible mutation image is become by the miscarriage of justice new add primitive and referenced picture, expression slants to contain scene, color boils, dot of stripe of picture twist or scroll, interference, a confusion of voices is waited a moment. Carry out a proof, network pickup camera transmits these do not stabilize sordid image to should serve as the image that did not mutate to transmit originally, so the transmission bandwidth that these image data place take up is certain very big. Why can you appear this result? This should compress a principle to understand from image data.

Image data compresses basically come true normally through two link: The first link is the compression of pair of image dimension, image size is smaller, image data is shorter, achieve the goal that reduces data bulk thereby. The 2nd link is the compression that fashions a process to image, in the process that transmits in successive picture namely, we transmit the part of the change in image only, and make relatively dormant part is not transmitted, such making that image data shortens and came true to compress, also decrease take up overmuch bandwidth, .
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